Beep uncensored Agra with Micro Brewery Overlooking the Taj Mahal

Beep Cafe serving fresh Beer with Taj Mahal View

What an idea to savor lunch and enjoy drinking fresh beer made in the microbrewery. This will add charm when you find such an ambiance on the rooftop Beep Cafe overlooking the surroundings of the Taj Mahal.

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This all is not a dream but became a reality with the opening of the new rooftop Beep Cafe on the V.I.P Fatehabad Road. This is hardly one km away from the Taj Mahal. The state authorities have issued the MB-5 license for that purpose.

Beep Uncensored Rooftop Bar Location-

Beep uncensored is located in U.P Handicrafts complex, Handicrafts Nagar, Fatehabad Road, Agra. This is easily approached by all the major hotels of Agra. You can contact me for booking on this number -07466916000.

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What is special at Beep cafe Agra?

Enjoy the draught Beer at the Beep Cafe. This rooftop bar is replete with all facilities and fresh brewery. This bar hexagonal in design has the best charm of private sitting space right atop. From here you can have a glimpse of the iconic Taj Mahal. From this deck, you can have Instagram worthy snaps of the Taj Mahal.
As you approach this place you can enjoy Non pasteurized and unbottled fresh beer at the microbrewery. This all will be the same as the Breweries in Bangalore. You can enjoy this gastro pub which is awesome spreading is an area of 9000 sq. feet.
The principle ante lobby entrance gate is gorgeous with the dome covered in glass. This paves your way into the wonderful open-air bar. This all is set in the Mughal architecture feature with water all around and a paved walkway. On each side are the private dining spaces with a dedicated smoking gallery.

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