Car Rental India FAQ's

Car Rental India FAQ's

What makes car rental different from car hire?

Car rental is the process when you rent a car for a short span of time. Car hire service is the way when you rent a car for using it to drive yourself around. Hiring a car is more common in British English while rent a car is more common in American English.

What Things to check before driving in a rental car?

First you have to make sure about the fuel type. You take pictures of the condition of car. Check the insurance papers of the car and start the engine note down the emergency numbers and drivers contact number. Try to get back on time foreign nationals can drive in India with international driving license.

While hiring a car do remember to take a video of the car which you are hiring. Your video will help you while you return the car as it may have some pre existing dents and scars.

Can a foreign tourist hire car rental in India?

Obviously foreign tourists can avail car rental services in India. So far as self driven cars are concerned one should have proper driving license applicable in India. You must be aware of road conditions and the vehicle should have all valid papers. But with the foreign tourists car rental with a driver is more popular. It is much safe and not so expensive with chauffeur driven car a tourists gets rid of the hectic traffic and as able to enjoy with family on vacation. So far self driven cars they came with a safety deposit.

Does car rental include food?

Barring some places in commonly fuel costs are included in the price.

What does full for full fuel policy mean?

It means that a customer get the car with a full tank and when he hands over the car the tank must be full.

What is the meaning of same to same fuel?

It signifies that when you hands over the car to the service provider it should have some amount of fuel and you picked up the car. This is also called a fair fined policy.

For how long is driving license valid in India?

In India driving license validity is for 20 years from the issue date or till you get 50. After that you have to get it reversed and it is extended for 5 years and so on.

How can you check fuel level of the car?

You must check the car’s manual. You also check the odometer to know how many kilometers you have travelled. You also use dipstick.

Do you need car wash before you return the car?

No you do not need car wash as most of the car rental companies have car wash centers.

What are the benefits of car rental with a driver?

Hiring a car with driver fee you from the hassel of booking the train tickets and congestion of railways station. It also gives you flexibility to leave the hotel at your desired time. The driver helps you and knows the ways and locality. He can communicate with you on local topics and you can get unique experiences with him.

What is the cost of car rental with driver in India?

The prices of car rental with a driver may differ from place to place depending on the size of metro city and availability of transport to answer this question merely a wall pank estimate can be made Generally for a sedan which can accommodate 3 persons you have to pay INR 3800 per day. For a large size MUV it is nearly 4800 per day and it can fit 5 persons easily. This price does not include toll taxes and interstate taxes.

Which cities of India have car rental services?

All the metro cities and many other 2 cities in India offer car rental services. You can avail the services in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Vadodra and Nagpur.

What are the criteria for car rental?

The eligibility for availing car rental service is that you need to be 21 years of age and hold a proper driving license for 4 wheeler You must need to have ID and address proof which is to be submitted to the car rental company.

What are the covid-19 precautions with car rental?

Most of the car rental companies follow covid protocol and manage full cleaning, vacuuming, wiping and sanitization of car. All the interiors and exteriors are thoroughly washed. The drivers are vaccinated and use face mask.

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