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Top Agra Shopping Places

The city of Agra is well known for its history and architecture, but besides this it is also a paradise for the shoppers. During your Taj Mahal tour or Golden Triangle Tour if you find the suitable time don’t miss the opportunity to stroll through the busy markets and shopping places in Agra to find the goods like inlaid marble, leather stuff, casual wear, Zardozi, Jewellery and other handicrafts.

Taj Mahal East Gate market

The market adjacent to the eastern gate of Taj mahal is primarily famous for the marble handicraft shops. These shops display articles of marble handicraft. If you have a penchant for negotiations you might strike gold in this market. Remember to bargain hard while you shop in this market. Apart from marble handicraft you can shop for local textile, hats, eyewear etc. Some shops also serve eatables, soft drinks, and tea/coffee. There are shops where the photographers of Taj Mahal get the photographs developed in to hard copies. The market opens at sunrise and closes at 8 pm. The market closes on Friday.

Gokulpura Handicraft Bazaar

Very near to the Agra College is a very narrow alley, remember to leave your car/taxi outside on the main road as the alley is very narrow. The market has a series of shops. This markets is famous as the artisans market, these shops are run and operated by the marble craftsmen and artisans themselves. so on your Agra tour if you want to buy cheap and good marble handicrafts, tea coasters, marble inlay, table tops ,marble handicraft gift items, various other handicrafts marble items then this is the market for you. The market closes on Monday. It opens at 10 am closes at 9 pm every day.

M G road and Sanjay place market

A market was developed in 1980’s by the name of Mr. Sanjay Gandhi son of Mrs Indira Gandhi who was the then prime minister of India. The location was that of an existing huge prison known as Central Jail. The prison was demolished and a huge market cum commercial area was developed. This area has more than 4000 shops , hundreds of commercial offices, banks etc. very near to the Sanjay place the area around mahatma Gandhi road also started developing in to a commercial hub, today this area has the best retail shops of Agra ,Swanky plush showrooms selling Reebok, adidas, levis, woodland, Bata and some other renowned brands, multi brand retail shops like Bachoomal Sons , Rajkumar & sons, O.P Jewelers etc are also present on the M.G. road, another area in vicinity known as church road is also very popular owing to large popular retail shops like Suresh Chand Dinesh Chand, Meena bazaar, V K bartan bhandaar etc. The market is closed on Sunday; it opens everyday at 10:00 am and closes at 9 pm.

The famous eateries in Sanjay place Agra

1. Bhagat Halwai – famous for Indian sweets and street food at Nehru nagar and m g road.

2. Gopal das pethe wala m G Road famous for Petha and Indian sweets.

3. Deviram –M G road famous for Indian sweets and street food.r

4. Café coffee day –sanjay place a coffee house

5. Street food market near LIC office sanjay place

6. Awadhi barbecue- sanjay place famous for vegetarian kababs and soya chaap

7. MKOP – sanjay place famous for bakery items.

Raja Ki Mandi Bazaar

Further down the mahatma Gandhi road near the iconic St, johns college is the famous market of raja ki mandi , not much is known about the literal meaning of the name but today Raja ki mandi is a famous market where people come searching and shopping for various items. There are shops ranging from school and college books to shops selling lingerie, toys, readymade clothes. Apart from the regular shops the walkways of Raja ki mandi market have make shift shanties of cheap bags, belts, goggles, purses etc. There are famous textile/readymade stores like Nagaji , shoe stores like Punjabi boot house. The market is usually very crowded during the day time. The ladies also enjoy the street food while shopping. There are many famous street food shops in raja ki mandi market. Bhajan lal choley bhature is worth a mention, this small vend sells lip smacking choley bhature and is very famous throughout agra. The market opens at 10 am closing at 9 pm the Monday is the closure day of the week.

Rawat Para Bazaar Agrar

This 400 year old market in the heart of old agra city lies just 200 meters from the mughal monument jama masjid and Agra fort station .Famous Shiva temple Shri mankameshwara lies next to this market. This is the famous wholesale spice market where sacks of red chilies are stacked on the road giving a unique chilly flavoured stench which sure will lead you to sneeze nonstop.

Black pepper, cardamom, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, cloves and many other spices are sold at the Pansari shops of Rawat para. People who have marriages in their households also come here to purchase the stuff used in solemnizing the Hindu marriage rituals. Most of the shops deal in spices, some other deal in old currency notes, detergents, household goods etc. The market opens at 10 :00 am and closes at 9 pm weekly holiday is on Monday.

Hing ki Mandi

This very famous market of Hing ki mandi deals in shoes. This is india’s largest wholesale market of shoes located in old Agra city, this area was once known for the trade of asafetida. The asafetida was transported in leather sacks. These sacks were also traded in the market, slowly the trade of asafetida (Heeng) dwindled and leather trade picked up. Before partition most of the business was in hands of muslims who shifted to Pakistan after partition. The houses of muslim merchants were allotted to the Punjabi refugees, slowly these Punjabi people took up the leather and shoe trade today most of the traders at Heeng ki mandi are Punjabi this wholesale market supplies 80 % of the shoes sold in entire india . This market apart from the complete shoe also deals in shoe components, Shoe sole of all kinds. The small shoe manufacturers send their produce every day to this market for selling. Remember the market does not deals in retail sale of shoes , only wholesale trade happens over here. The market opens at 10 am and close at 9 pm the market closed on every Monday in the week.

Sadar Bazaar Agra

Agra cantonment is one of the oldest cantonment of the British times. The Agra cantonment was a huge settlement with grand bungalows for the officers, A railway station named Agra cantt. This Agra cantonment also had a market known as Sadar bazaar . The market even today is the property of the defense ministry Govt of India, the shop keepers pay their monthly rent to the Govt of India. Today this market is famous for strolling around doing window shopping , enjoying the favorite street food of Agra at the chaat gali, the shops sell multifarious goods ranging from electronics to textile, ready made clothes , footwear ,rajasthani mojri shoes,The market because of its vicinity to the tourism hub attracts hordes of Indian and foreigner tourist. Sadar bazaar is a bare few kilometer away from the Taj Mahal. The road at sadar bazaar has been designed to facilitate the tourist and shoppers who love to stroll around . The stalls on the road sell ice cream and coffee which you can enjoy while sitting on the benches. The market also holds special fair on Diwali festival and new year. The market opens 10 am everyday closing at 9pm, the weekly closure is on Tuesday.

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