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Dubai city famed for ultramodern architecture and luxury amenities boasts of being a prominent tourist destination and shopping paradise. Situated in the Persian Gulf it borders with Sharjah oman and Abu Dhabi. The city was founded in 1833 Dubai, the futuristic city is one among the most prominent of 7 emirates of UAE. By the end of 1971 UAE comprised of six emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain and Feiyairah. In 1972 Ras Al Khaimah joined the federation as the seventh member.

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S.A.M Tours and Travels has taken utmost care in designing Dubai Tour Packages. We have a large inventory of Dubai Holiday Packages to cater to your needs of Dubai travel. UAE has a rich heritage influenced by desert cultural marine life. This is the base of Dubai tourism with a thing of modernity. Our Dubai Tour itineraries allure you to explore this majestic land. In you Dubai tour you get to see the top sightseeing places of Dubai such as desert safari, Burj Khalifa, Dubai frame, Dubai Parks, Dhow Cruise and other unparallel wonders. In our Dubai tourism Packages we also include same of the best adventure activities such as Zip lining, kayaking, Scuba diving, Sky diving jetovator to name a few for your Dubai vacation you need at least 4 days to 6 days. In an ideal 5 days Dubai tour plan you can include the sightseeing of Desert safari, yacht Cruise, Dubai Parks, Burj Khalifa etc. Dubai has much to offer for nightlife such as La Pearle show by Dragone, the dancing water fountains at Burj Khalifa. You can enjoy dinner at Desert camp.

History of Dubai: - The earliest record Dubai or Diber is from Al Idrisi in 10th century as some consider the origin of the world Dubai from “Daba” which signify to creep in Arabic. This is on account of less flow of Dubai Creek inland. Dubai established as a fishing village in early 18th century become a cosmopolitan city bestowing the sheer luxury experiences of hospitality. In early 19th century few hundred member of a tribe known as Baniyas loved over here. In 1833 mass exodus happened from Abu Dhabi under the joint leadership of a duo – Obeid Bin Said Bin Rashid and Maktoum Bin Butti. When obeid died Maktoum established a dynasty known after him. Dubai unluckily witnessed the epidemic of smelly box in 1841 which broke out in Bur Dubai locality. Besides this another untoward incidence occurred in 1896 when a rampage happened on account of fire.

In 1901 Duba was declared as a fire port. Maktoum Bin Hashan Al maktoum ruled. Dubai for a long time and is conceded as one of the fathers of Dubai. Major turning point came in the fortune of Dubai with the discovering of oil in 1966. In 2006 after the demise of Sheikh Maktoum his brother Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum become the Emir. He is accredited with rapid expansion of Dubai.

How to Reach Dubai: - Dubai International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world. It has top class terminal and the airport is linked with the major airports of the world. Similarly it has flights from various Indian cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. The best airlines which operate for Dubai are Etihad, Emirates, Air India, Indigo, Fly Dubai, you can book a flight to Sharjah and can reach from Shrjah to Dubai in short time.

Culture of Dubai: - Dubai is such a metropolis which is inhabited traditions of UAE are primarily Arab traditions and cantered around Islamic religion. In your Dubai vacations you can witness this influence on the lifestyle, cousin, architecture and other important facets. With the typical desert culture and modern and showcases the best of experiences. Ramadan is the holy month for the Islam and the followers fast from daun to dusk. If you plan Dubai trip you can plan it during Ramadan as there is no opportune time than to visit it during this period.

Good manners, virtnes, honesty, dedication are prized in Dubai like other societies. You can feel an fusion of Arabian, Persian fusion in culture. Tolerance is also given high priority. Thus in 2017 the Ministry of tolerance was established. Besides social justice, low and order are other important tenants of society. You can find a cultural diversity of races, languages, gender and religion.

Best To Visit Dubai: - Dubai has two major seasons – winter and summer. Winters are from November to April and this is the most pleasant time for the vacationers. The average temperate during this time of the years ranges between 18 to 30 Celsius Dubai experiences rainfalls in winters. Summers which start from May and culminates in October is not considered a suitable time for the tourists. It remains 25 Celsius to 44 Celsius. In the winters you get soaked in the unpeeled beauty of Dubai beaches and thrilling experiences. You get solace of the sunshine with a gentle breese and witness Dubai shopping festival in February.

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Global Village Dubai

Dubai is the emerging world tourism capital, new projects are being envisaged which are making Dubai more popular and enjoyable to the tourist using to Dubai. On the out skirts of Dubai city one such mega project which is based on enumerating and making the experience of various destinations available to the tourist at one place. This is the world Global village.

What you expect in Global village?:- The Global Village has pavilions belonging to various natives these pavilions are land marked by respective famous heritage building such as the Taj Mahal for India, the pyramids Shiva for Egypt and so on. Right being in Dubai you can enjoy the Yemenis cuisine, you can taste the Yemenis honey, and you can savour the Pakistani delicacies shop for Punjabi Salwar Kameez at Pakistani out let. This concept has made souvenir shopping a delight now people can shop for souvenirs coming from various natives’ rights in Dubai. Apart from shopping souvenirs and food the Dubai global village is also a slow case of culture live performances are held on the open air form these are 26 pavilions belonging to respective natives you can visit these pavilions enjoy their respective cuisine by the souvenir from these pavilions. The centre also has a water body which amazing has the multi coloured technical wizard on its bed.

How to Reach Global Village?

By Metro: - you board the red line and delight at first gulf Bank. Now take a taxi to the global village. It would take nearly 50 minutes.

By Bus: - You take the red line to reach Rashidiya and transfer to metro Bus to reach the blue tower. Now take a taxi to reach the Global village.

By Car: - You can drive from the airport to the Global village for around 30 Kms.

Global Village entry timing and charges: - The show starts every day at 4:00 in the evening and goes on unabated till mid night. The entry to the global village is charged 15 AED if you buy the tickets online if you by the ticket from ticket counter then it will cost you 20 AED. You can make a saving of 5 AED if you by the ticket online.

Dubai Sports City: - The acronym of Dubai Sports city is DSC. This sports city is erected around five sports venues and academies and lots of events are hosted around the year. This multi million project features, hotels, sports are many other things. Mega cricket events are arranged here and you have plethora of options of hotels and restaurants near Dubai sports city. You can reach this place easily by using the major highways of Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail road. If you are a sports enthusiast you must plan for Dubai tour to witness any mega event of cricket, football etc.

Desert Safari Rides: - Desert Safari rides are the major attraction of Dubai tourism. While being twice get the instagram worthy pictures of the sun raising sun from the suns. You also have the romance of dune bashing and riding a camel in the Arabian Desert. You also enjoy the Sand Ski and quad being. In the desert you can choose wearing black apparel as they easily release heat and give you a comfortable feel.

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