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The serene land of Bhutan is surrounded by steep mountain ranges and is famed for dramatic landscap, fortresses and monestries. Tour Bhutan offers you plethora of options of visiting Buddhist monastries and hiking. Bhutan was popular by several names like “Lho Men” signifying the land of Darkness, “Lho Men jong” meaning southern lord of medicinal herbs, Lho Men Khazi signifying 4 routes to enter the lard. Bhutan has never been a part of China or India. Since 17th century A.D in the English time the country has been called Drukyul meaning the country of Drukpa or the land of Thunder the name Bhutan is supposed to be the synthesis of two Sanskrit words – Bhota + Ant meaning the end of Tibet. The beautiful country set amidst the Himalayan terrain is popular with Buddhist religion and culture. The land is famous for tourism and for colorful vibrant festivals. During your Bhutan Tour Packages you can plan the itinerary which can give you immense pleasure to witness such festivals of Bhutan.

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Location and History of Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located between China and India. There are no railways, and civil aviation is restricted.The country is divided into two regions, the eastern and western. Most of the population lives in the central highlands.Thimphu is the capital and the largest city. Tourists will find several interesting attractions in Thimphu. Some of them include Tashichho Dzong, Tarkin, National Textile Museum, and School of Traditional Painting Arts and Crafts.

Despite its isolation, Bhutan has a population of over 50,000. However, a significant number of people do not go to school. This makes Bhutan's education system a bit behind the curve.There are seven years of primary school and four years of secondary education. Students can also attend college or university. In 1994, 60,089 pupils attended primary and secondary schools.The literacy rate is 42 percent, and the rate of children not in school is over 50 percent. But in the last century, more children have been attending school.

Bhutan is a Buddhist nation with the Drukpa Kargyu sect of Mahayana Buddhism as its official religion. Bhutan's legal system is based on English common law.A constitution was drafted and submitted to the King and the people of Bhutan. It was officially unveiled in March 2005. However, it is still pending national referendum.Bhutan's geography, location, and history makes it a fascinating place to visit. Visitors will discover a unique culture and spectacular scenery.

How to Reach Bhutan?

Bhutan is a country that is fast becoming a global destination. There are three ways to reach Bhutan: through air, by road and by train. The easiest way to get to Bhutan is by taking a flight. If you choose this route, your flight will be arriving at Paro International Airport. Alternatively, you can take a cab to the airport.

Bhutan is situated in the Himalayan Mountains. In order to enter this secluded country, you will need a passport. Also, you will have to bring a photocopy of your Aadhar card. You will also need to have a voter ID. You can enter Bhutan from India via Jaigaon in West Bengal, Phuentsholing in west Bhutan or Gelephu in central Bhutan. These are the most popular border towns.

Getting to Bhutan from India is relatively easy. There are three options, each of which involves a stopover in Delhi. Travelers who want to reach Bhutan by train can go to the New Jalpaiguri Station. However, you will have to travel to Kolkata first. Another option is to take a bus to Hasimara, a small town in west Bengal. Travelers can also take a train from Kanpur, Delhi and Bangalore.

Best Time to visit Bhutan

When you want to visit Bhutan, you should consider several factors. In particular, the type of activities you intend to do. The seasons will also play an important part in your decision. Summer and winter are the least popular times to visit Bhutan. The country is very cold during these months, especially at night. You should bring along light clothing, trekking amenities, and adequate water.

The spring season is the most pleasant time of the year in Bhutan. Although there is rain in the beginning, temperatures rise. This is the best time of the year to explore Bhutan's valleys. March, April, and May are the months when the rhododendrons bloom. These flowers are often found in trekking trails. It is also the perfect time to explore urban centers.

Spring is also the best time of the year to trek the Drukpath and Jomolhari. The treks will be less crowded, and some paths will remain open. September, October, and November are the peak months for international travelers. This is when the Paro Tshechu festival takes place. Other festivals are also held in Bhutan during this season. Bhutan's monsoon season begins in June and ends in September. While it is not very rainy in the lower parts of the country, in the higher altitudes it is a rainy season.

Sightseeing & Attractions in Bhutan

If you are planning a Bhutan tour, you have to be very careful. There are a lot of interesting places, but it is not always easy to get a travel permit. You also need to know that some of the places you want to visit are not open to visitors during winter.

The best time to go to Bhutan is during spring or autumn. These seasons offer the best view of the snow-capped Himalayas. Bhutan is home to endemic and endangered species. It is a paradise for bird watchers. And, the country offers trekking trails. Travel to Bhutan can be expensive. However, it is worth it. You will be amazed by its natural beauty, and the country's unique culture.

You should not miss the opportunity to see the Tiger's Nest, Taktsang Monastery, and Paro Valley. They are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Bhutan. Other places to visit are Jakar Dzong, Phuentsholing, Chhumey, and Punakha. You can also take a wildlife safari in the Mo Chhu River. Here, you can see golden langur, leopard, and black bear. As the capital city, Thimphu is one of the most visited destinations in Bhutan. It is also the place to see some of the most modern buildings in the country. A weekend market is held in this area, where you can buy handicrafts, textiles, and religious stuff.

Bhutan is a quaint country full of hidden gems, a unique culture, and a spectacular natural environment. It is also a place where you can experience a variety of activities. For instance, you can hike along beautiful valleys or participate in one of the many festivals. The national sport of Bhutan is archery. Every village in Bhutan has an archery field, and you can take part in a tournament. Archery is a popular activity that involves singing, dancing, and food.

Bhutan has a number of museums that you can visit to learn about its culture and tradition. There is also the Royal Heritage Museum, which offers a detailed history of the country. Another fun way to spend your vacation is to go rock climbing. Rock climbing in Bhutan can be a fun and adventurous experience, but you should be prepared to put some effort in.

If you are more interested in nature than sports, you can take a kayaking trip. Kayaking in Bhutan is especially popular during the months of March to April. This is the best time to see the Black-Necked Cranes, which migrate from the Tibetan Plateau to the Phojikha Valley. Bhutan has an array of gurgling rivers and century-old suspension bridges. You can take a rafting trip on the Mo Chhu or enjoy a white water rafting experience on the Po Chu.

Top tips for Bhutan Tourism

If you plan to travel to Bhutan, you might be surprised to learn that there are some things you can do to ensure a safe trip. For example, you should learn how to take self-massage to help you adjust to the altitude. You should also be prepared for diseases such as malaria.

While you're in Bhutan, be sure to dress modestly. You should also keep your arms covered at all times. Some of the most sacred sites are not for public viewing. When visiting Bhutan, it's best to stay with a tour group. It's also a good idea to book your trip in advance. This way, you'll know exactly where you're going and what you'll be doing.

The best time to go to Bhutan is in spring. You'll have the most dramatic views of the snowcapped Himalayas. However, you should still be prepared to deal with altitude stress. In addition, be careful when driving. Landslides can happen anytime. Also, don't forget to bring along essential medications. The country is known for its unique and distinctive Buddhist culture. It's important to follow all rules and regulations while in the country. Wearing shorts is prohibited. You should also make sure to get up to date on recommended vaccinations. Moreover, it's a good idea to purchase travel insurance.

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