Chambal Ki Ghati

Chambal River Valley & Sanctuary

While we think of Chambal Valley or Ghati we are today thrilled with the very names of Dacoits of Chambal Ghati.Once the dacoits were synonymous with fear. This fertile land and it’s ravines have been the sanctuary not only for these elements but also for the wildlife and aquatic animals. Many bye gone dacoits who are known as Baghis(outlaws) took arms against the atrocities inflicted by the system or prevailing fiefdom in the area. Man Singh is one such permanent name who took up arms against the illegal land acquisitions by some group. He becomes famous as Robinhood who used to loot the rich and help the poor. Pan Singh Tomar is another big name who also started his debut on account of land dispute and family prestige. Pan Singh Tomar was a renowned athlete and has a film after his name foolan Devi was born in a Mallah community and also become a bandit owing to the atrocities. Putali Bai and Jag Jeevan Parihar are some other names in the big list.

Bollywood on Chambal Ghati: -The Indian movie industry since a long time has been covering these dacoits, some very famous movies have been based on dacoits of Chambal,Dacait,Bandit queen,Pan Singh Tomar, Putli baai,are some of the famous names of bollywood movies,One ex bandit Seema Parihar who herself was an outlaw and spent time in the ravines took a new stand when she started acting in front of the camera in the tinsel town.

Chambal Valley Location: -This Chambal Ghati is located in the districts of Dholpur, Bhind, Morena, Agra, Etawah districts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh, and Chambal is a tributary to the Yamuna River and it meets Yamuna near Etawah. Thus a large extant of land falls in it’s valley. This river has the origin in Kota district of Rajasthan.

National Chambal Sanctuary : -This is spread in a vast area of 5000 sq. kms and is a safe habitat for the endangered Gharials and red crowned roof turtles. Besides the rare species of Ganges river dolphins are also present in the area. This sanctuary is protected under wildlife protection Act 1972. Besides these aquatic animals you can notice macaques, jungle cat, grey mongoose, Indian gazelles, Porcupines etc. Beside you can notice more than 300 species of local and migratory birds in this area.

Chambal River Safari: -Chambal River safari has a great experience behind it. Imagine you are cruising in the pristine water of Chambal in your private boat. You can move either to Dholpur or at Jarar or Pinahat by your car. You can book the Chambal wildlife safari online beforehand and find you seat in the motor boat with your camera and binocular. The boat has all the safety gadgets. Now for couple of hours you surf the waters in search of alligators and basking alligators on the islands. Now snap the beautiful pictures. The serene atmosphere and the scenic beauty would certainly enthrall you.

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