Dayalbagh Agra History & Information

Around 8 km from Agra city is the mini township of Dayalbagh, this is the spiritual centre of the Radha Soami faith. There are two branches of the Radha soami faith at Dayalbagh.

History of Radha Swami faith : - Soami Shivdayal Singh who is also known as Soami ji maharaj is said to have founded the faith of Radha Soami in year 1861 on the auspicious day of vasant panchmi.Soami ji was born and lived in Agra here he left for his heavenly abode. Soami ji maharaj left at age of 59 in year 1878. In year 1902 the Radhasoami satsang sabha started constructing a memorial (Samadhi) for soami ji maharaj. The construction even after more than 119 years goes on unabated. In year 2018 the Samadhi (memorial) on the auspicious centenary celebration of the birth year of soami ji maharaj was declared open.

Architecture Radha Swami : - This memorial is often compared with Taj Mahal as both are made in white marble. Though no such comparison should be ever made as both are beautiful. The monument stands on the foundation of wells, the structure appears a two storied one and one has to take a flight of steps to go inside. Once inside you are awed to see the huge dome on the top, the arches with unique blend of Indian and European design are beautifully embellished with real life carvings of fruits, flowers etc. The real semi precious stones have been used to carve out lets say grapes from zade. The leaves and carvings are beyond compare. The inside of the huge dome is also resplendent with carvings visible from a distance. The original memorial (Samadhi) is right underneath the outer dome and you have to take another way to reach the sanctum sanctorum. The memorial is all done in white marble from makrana. It took more than 119 years for the masons, stone cutters, carvers to make this memorial.

The top finial is made of more than 400 kg of solid gold. It is in shape of inverted lotus and looks quite impressive. Just besides the stairs is the holy well. On the two extreme ends are two small cupolas (chatris) in four corners of the building are the four towers which add beauty to the structure.

Ticket & fees : - The entry to the memorial is free but a thorough security check is made at the entrance gate and you have to deposit shoes, camera, mobile phone at the gate.

The memorial is open all seven days of the week.

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