Agra Famous Kachauri And Bedai Eateries

Kachauri is a very common snack popular with north Indian Diaspora. It is spelt in different ways such as kachodi or kachauri etc. It is deeply fried and has spicy ingredients. Origin of kachauri can be traced with the Marwari community of jodhpur and jaisalmer one can make flaky kachori with the stuffing of lentils or potatoes. Moong daal kachauri and onion kachauri are very popular among the foodies. It is served with the chutney of tamarind or chillies or garlic. At same places they accompany with curd or jalebis. Marwari and Bhojpuri kachauri are famous all around India. Besides kachauri non stuffed fried breads are made Agra city famous for kachauri and berai. The food lovers are seen throwing outsides the outlets at the time of breakfast.

What is Bedai ?

Bedai is a form of kachauri having different taste from bedai the puffy bread was hollow and nothing filled inside. Bedai is always fry in a deep pen until it looks dark brown in colour and crispy fried, served with spicy vegetable of meshed potato adding ginger garlic coriander and cheese in it. Some sellers add curd as well while serving to the people.

Why Bedai is famous in Agra?

In Agra you will find the biggest spice market as well and people in Agra love spices and eat kachauri on regular basis. This is fresh breakfast and a complete diet which can’t make people hungry for whole day after eating 3 or 4 pieces of bedai in the morning. Another big reason why people love eating bedai is the budget cost. It is very cheap and you can afford it on a regular basis. Here in Agra from a normal to famous shops the maximum prices of kachauri is between 5 to 20rs, per piece.

What is the Recipe of Bedai & Kachori?

Bedai is made up of wheat flour. First of all you have to made small size of bread with this wheat flour and deep fried in oil until it looks crispy or brown. Bedai is served with spicy potato vegetable (all sabji) made up with mashed potato adding ginger, coriander,cheese and spices in it served by adding a pinch of curd or raita.

Top 10 Kachori Bedai Shops in Agra

1. Deviram sweets, Pratapura Agra

2. Shree Ji Misthan Bhandar Fatehabad Road Agra

3. Deviram – M G road

4. Shantisweets ChandniChowk kamla nagar Agra

5. Bhagat Halwai HeeraBagh Agra

6. Gaurav sweets Rajpur Chungi Agra

7. GMB sweets Fatehabad Road Agra

8. Kalua Halwai Belanganj Agra

9. Satto Lala Shah Ganj Agra

10. Pappu Kachauri Wala Baluganj

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