Jaswant Singh Ki Chatri

Jaswant Singh Ki Chatri History and Architecture

The city of Taj Mahal lives you plethora of options to view the historical heritage of Agra these monuments, palaces and tombs preliminarily were erected in the time of mughal. Jasawant singh ki Chatri is the only Rajput Samadhi place in Agra.

Location of Jaswant Singh ki Chatri

This tomb is located in Balkeshwar colony of Agra on the Yamuna river bank. You come from water works to Balkeshwar near Kishan Nagar behind the colony you get to see this place. You will have to search it as it was much encroached beforehand.

History of Jaswant Singh ki Chatri

This Chattari is built by Jasawnt Singh who was the brother of Amar Singh Rathore, a great warrior. A very popular story goes like this that Amar Singh had a bad comment on him by the brother in law of Shahjahan Salabat Khan. Amar Singh before the emperor slew Salabat khan with the trust of his sword and took to his heels on the horse back in the attempt his brave horse succumbed to injure. Thus Amar Singh managed to escape and one of Agra fort’s Gate is named after him as Amar Singh to mark the event. Salabat khan used to hold the important portfolio of Mir Bakshi. At the place of chatar the widow of Amar Singh who was a newlywed princess of Haudati make herself immolated (Sati on fire) with the body of her husband. On the same place this beautiful Chatari was erected by the brother of Amar Singh – Jaswant Singh this tomb was built during 1644 to 1658 AD.

Architecture of Jaswant Singh Ki Chatri

This monorail is built out of red sand stone in the mid of the large are meant for Sunken gardens. This is built on the fusion of India Saracenic style. The lattice work is heart catchy and the magnificent carvings done on the walls are very impressive in the ancient times there were beautiful sprawling four quartered gardens which are not existent now. This monument had beautiful parapet all around and nice screen work. Presently the screen work on north or the river side is intact. This side had three entry gates originally with the three staircases.

The garden tomb like other mughal places has the set up of four towers with chhatari on all the form corners. The main Samadhi area of the queen has upside down lotus flower and a rectangular baradari all around.

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