Mankameshwar Temple

Mankameshwar Temple Agra

The temple is situated in a very confected lane where the devotees have to fostle to catch a glimpse of their favorite idol.

History of Mankameshwar Temple

It is said that lord shiva in duapar era was going to see the line incarnate of lord Vishnu at Mathura. Lord Vishnu is said to be bira as lord Krishna. Lord shiva rested at this place which is those was on the banks of river Yamuna. Lord shiva left his Vigraha an idol of Shiva-linga which is venerated by the devotees. The shiva-linga is concerned by the silver cornering. The devotees has to descend many steps to reach the shiva linga at the temple.The Shiva linga is surrounded by idols of lord hanumana, lord Krishna, lord rama, kaila devi, mata ganga, saraswati, gayatri.

This temple isin the heart of Agra city and plays a very important role is day to day activity if the city. In September the city holds and recreates the ram lila every year. The famous procession of Ram baraat starts from the temple of mankameshwar.

Agra is part of brij, the land where lord Krishna was born, shiva the god has been venerated by the people of Agra since ages even during the mughal times there are records of existence of shiva temple’s in Agra. Agra today has four shiva temples in its four corner, Balkeshwar mahadev on the north west corner, rajeshwar mahadev on the south eastern corner, prithvinath mahadev in the south western corner. Years ago these temples were in seclusion now the flowing city has encompassed these temples. In month of july-august (Saawan) respective fairs are held on four somvar (Mondays) at these temples. The devotees also pay their obeisance at a temple situated very near to the Agra fort. This temple is the mankameshwar mahadev temple.

The temple of mankameshwar was mahadev is located at Rawat para. This area was once inhabited by the Brahmins who were given the title of “Rawat” by the mughal rulers.

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