Mazar Shaheed E Salis

Mazar Shaheed E Salis

This is a superb place with imposing architecture people from all over the world come to visit the mazar get blessed. This Mazaar is located on Dayal Bagh, close to Bhagwaan cinema in Agra. Shaheed-e-salis means the third martyr. He was one among the greatest shia scholar in India. He was born in 1549 A.D and hailed from Amul in Iran. He leaved medicine.

This tomb is related to an eminent shia saint and scholar of mughal period whose name was Noorullah Sustani. He was also known with the epithet of shaheed –e –salis was born in the city shustar in Iran. At the age of 36 he moved to India in 1584. He wrote many books in different sphere and also started the census in Akabar’s time After akbar while Jahangir came in to power his position become feeble on account of his growing number of enemies and distrust of Jahangir. He was declared heretic and sentenced to death on account of his book “ Ahgag ul-haq in 1610.

He was a great bureaucrat and policy maker also. He was sent as special emissary to Kashmir in Akbar’s time Akabar also appointed him to enquire in to the land scams during his presence in Kabul. Thus in Agra province he confiscated the charity land occupied by sunnies. He was multi dimension and wrote nearly 100 books. Akbar and Abdul Fazal know his loyalties to the mughal throne Even Noor jahan who was most favourite to Jahangeer caught hold of the emperors’ hand before sighting the death warrant but Jahangeer under fury a burning coal on her arm and left.

The accounts say that Jahangir ordered for 100 flog punishment and this great man leaved his last sign and later his body lay without shroud for 3 days on a garbage pit. None has the courage to busy him under the fears of Jahangir. Then a prominent afghan named Raju came to the spot and sat all day around. He was also assisted by some Iranian traders. The legends say that prophet came in the dreams of Jahangir and said to him you have done a brutal dead and you even do not allow funeral. Thus Jahangir templar and rope called down. He permitted those who wanted to do burial of Quazi can do.

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