Story Of Red Taj Mahal

Red Taj Mahal History & Architecture

Have you ever heard of a European tomb called Red Taj Mahal Agra? This tomb lies on Mahatma Gandhi road near Bhagwan cinema. It is built in Roman Catholic symmetry. This tomb is popularly called as the red Taj Mahal as this a copy of the Taj Mahal in Red sand stone. You can approach to this tomb easily by hiring a car or by the public transport. This is open sunrise to the sunset like other Agra monuments.

This tomb is built by Hessing’s wife in the memory of her husband. John William hissings a Dutch soldier and joined Dutch east India Company and remained cyclone in 1752. He served with various armies and on global expeditions. He also served in Sri Lanka and Canada. He came to India in 1763 and served the army of nizam of Hyderabad and the later the sciendias of Gwalior. It joined Daulat Rao sciendia on 1793 and had the title of colonel. Thus he held the command of Agra fort.

The tomb is built by his wife Ann in contrast to the Taj Mahal which was built by husband for wife. This tomb stands on square platform with a crypt of real graves and corridors around it. This tomb has double with lotus flower and Kalash. As Hessings died when fort was captured by the British.

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