Tale Of Itwar Khan Mosque

Tale Of Itwar Khan Mosque

This small mosque is built in the reign of Jahangeer on Agra Delhi Highway. Itwar khan was the prominent Haransara of Jahangeer. It was his loyalties towards the emperor he was given the title name Itwar Khan meaning one on whom the emperor has munch trust. Thus he was appointed the chief of Harem affairs and lord treasure. Jahangeer also send him to surprise the rebellion of Shahjahan – his son and he became successful in it. Thus he was appointed as the governor of Agra and given the title name as Mumtaz Khan.

He was the disciple of sufi saint khwahja kafur and it was on account of this revence towards the holy man that he created a mosque and nearby residential area for the saint.

Legend of Pathar Ghora

As this is widely known by the name of Pather Ghora signifying stone horse. This is the statue of Akabar’s favorite horse. Built in the premises of Itwar Khan Mosque it is said that once Akabar rode this horse directly from Delhi to Agra without stop, the horse exulted and succored to death at this place. Thus Akabar built this monolith smartness of the horse just as a mark of the respect and love towards his pet. The statue is horse from one single block of red sand stone.

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