Tansen Tomb Gwalior

Tansen Tomb Gwalior

Location of Tansen Fort Gwalior: - The vocal maestro Tansens’s tomb is situated in the Tansen Nagar area of Gwalior city in the Madhya Pradesh state.

How to Reach: - You can hire/ book a car /autorickshaw to reach the tomb.

Entrance of Tansen Tomb: - Entry to the Garden Tomb is Free

Best time to visit: - Gwalior has a very hot summer so the best time to visit the tomb is in winter season from November to March.

Music Maestro Tansen : - Tansen was one of the Navratna in the court of great Mughal king Akbar. He is known to be an accomplished vocal singer who was amaster of the classical Indian music. The folk lore says that Tansen casted a sort of spell, with his “Raag Dipak” he could ignite the earthern lamps, with his “Raag Malhar” he could invoke the rain gods. The Fatehpur sikri Anoop Talao is associated with the famous singer. On the central podium situated inside the pool of Anoop Talao the singer Tansen used to perform, singing magical verses in classical Ragas pleasing the great king Akbar.

Tansen was born a Hindu but it is said he accepted Islam under the influence of the Sufi mystic Muhammad Ghaus, Saint Haridas is known to be the music teacher of Tansen. It was Haridas who trained Tansen to be a versatile singer. The tomb of Tansen at Gwalior has a bigger tomb dedicated to Sufi saint Muhammad Ghaus.

Architecture of the Tansen Tomb TThe tombs are situated in a vast garden with many more graves which probably belong to the disciples of Muhammad Ghaus. The tomb of Tansen is smaller in size when compared to the tomb of Muhammad Ghaus Annually a music symposium is organized at this tomb in honour of the great maestro.

The tomb of Tansen is a sort of pilgrimage to people who practice music. It is said any one who chews few leaves of the tamarind tree standing aside the tomb gets a sweet voice by the blessings of the great master. The tombs are made in sand stone with some excellent filigree work, infect the tomb of Muhammad Ghaus has large screens (jaalis) displaying the excellent craftsmanship of the stone cutters. The tomb of Tansen also displays the excellent filigree and the stone cutters prowess’s.

The tomb of Muhammmad Ghaus is situated on an elevated platform with a big dome on the top. The grave chamber is located underneath this dome. The extreme corners of the dome and the building are adorned with smaller domes resting on pillared bases. There are smaller Kiosk shaped domes even in the centre of every face. The building has four faces just similar to any muslim mausoleum. The tomb and its architecture is excellent. The Tansen tomb is much smaller and rests on pillars with the Jaalis. The devotees come to the tomb of Mohammad Ghaus and place invitation cards of the marriage ceremony (in the family) on the Jaalis of the tomb as a way to seek the blessings of the sufi mystic.

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