River Rafting In Rishikesh

If you are coming to Rishikesh and have a flair for adventure activities then do not miss out the white water river rafting on the blue waters of river Ganges. Th rafts are good enough to accommodate 10 people in a single go, every group has a trained leader who guides the group how to row and when to row.

Categories of river rafting at Rishikesh: - There are almost three sorts(categories) of river rafting expeditions available in Rishikesh this differentiation is based on the distance covered and the number of rapids experienced and handled during the rafting . The longest rafting starts from a place called Shivpuri this is around 26 kms from Rishikesh and takes around 5 hours to be completed covering the maximum rapids. The smallest duration expedition is of 12 kms and takes around 2 hours to be completed this expedition experiences 3 rapids at river Ganges.An intermediary category covers around 16 kms and takes around 3.5 hours-4 hours to complete. This one covers 9 rapids. The rafting provides an exhilarating experience to the participants and is un paralleled.

End Point-These expeditions all end up in Rishikesh around the famous Ram jhoola at ghats such as Sampoornanand ghat.

Cost of the expedition: - The cost of these expeditions is on per person basis and depend upon he length of the expedition undertaken the longer the length more is the cost. You need to be an excellent negotiator to strike a good deal normally they quote around 800-1000 per person for the 26 kms stretch during the season time.

Maggie point - Just 6 kms from Rishikesh is a place where the rowers enjoy a hot tea along with piping hot sumptuous bowls of Maggie this place is called Maggie point.

Security measures and physical activity involved- The river rafting is a sport which requires intense physical activity of the participants these participate should be physically fit to undertake this strenuous physical activity. All the necessary precautions are taken and participants have to wear safety helmets along with a life jacket. Every participant uses a row to propel the modern rafts.

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