Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is in the northern part of Goa, just north to the Baga Beach and famous Calangute beach is the Anjuna beach. From the capital city of Panaji the Anjuna beach is just 21 kms, The Anjuna beach is 11 kms from the city of Mapusa. The most convenient way to travel in north Goa are the hired two wheelers you can hire all sorts of scooters, motorcycle at a very nominal rate of 250 Rs.-600 Rs./ day just keep your Id and driving license handy and drive on your hired motorcycle/ scooter to your favorite destination.

Famous Hippie Haunt: - In the 1960’s and 70’s Anjuna was the favorite destination of the hippies they used to have wild full moon parties at the beach. Hippies were a cult quIte famous in the 1960’s and 70’s they sort of rejected the usual societal norms and for them enjoyment was the motive of life. Anjuna beach was the most favorite beach for the hippies’ fraternity in the 60’s & 70’s.

Anjuna Beach Activities

Anjuna being near to the other famous north Goa beaches attracts lots of tourists during the season time. The beach is not the cleanest and the stretch of sand is also not very wide. The sea is quite rough and lots of water sports activities are famous at Anjuna beach.

1. Para Sailing – Strong breeze assists in para sailing at Anjuna, you can get a para sailing experience for a mere 900 Rs if you are desirous of a dip then ready to shell out 200 more. There is a water sport kiosk at the beach and they sell all sorts of water sports at fixed price.

2. Jet Ski - Jet Ski is also available and the tourists love this experience in the rough sea at Anjuna.

3. Banana Ride - A special boat which can seat 5-6 people is called banana ride, this ride can be done at the Anjuna beach.

4. Bumber ride & speed boat ride - Both sorts of boat ride can be done at the Anjuna Beach.

Famous Anjuna Beach Resorts/Shacks - The Anjuna beach sports a long array of beach shacks and resorts. Some of the beach shacks like Liliput and Curlies are famous far and wide. Eva cafe Goa, Sunset Bar & restaurants, libos shack, Aura are some other famous shacks at Anjuna beach.

Anjuna Flea Market - While approaching the beach you can experience the famous flea market of Anjuna. It comes in to existence during the high tourist season between October-March every year. Handicrafts, souvenirs, textiles which are in expensive, sun hats, tattoo parlors, inexpensive imitation jewelry is at sale at the Anjuna beach flea market. The full force flea market usually happens on the weekends while there are scores of shops which exist even on the week days.

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