Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Location of Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: - Located in the north western area of Goa. This wildlife sanctuary is around 47 kms from Panaji the best way to access this sanctuary is to hire a taxi/cab you can drive your personal car to this sanctuary at ease. The wildlife sanctuary is located around 49 kms from the Goa international airport at Dabolim and it will take a smooth drive of an hour to reach the Bondla wildlife sanctuary. If you thought Goa was only about sea and beaches then you are wrong, you can experience the rich heritage of Goa wildlife and nature at Bondla wildlife sanctuary and zoo. The area is nestled in the undulating terrain of the Goan mountains , there are huge rosewood trees amidst the bamboo cluster, the thick deciduous foliage gives a true feeling of a dense jungle while it’s a mere 8 square Kilometers of area which comes under this protected forest.

There is a small zoo associated with Bondla wildlife sanctuary it offers an excellent opportunity to the school kids and the visiting tourist to experience the wildlife in confinement. There is a snake park where you can site the king cobra along with other snake varieties. Panther, Jungle cat, Common palm civet, Trinket snake, Porcupine, wild boar, wild buffaloes are some of the wild life you can see at the zoo. The Bondla wildlife sanctuary offers excellent wild life treks where you can sight many varieties of deer, sambhar, bison, wild boar, Malabar giant squirrel, porcupines etc. The jungle safari gives you a real feel of a jungle in Goa. There is a restaurant inside the forest area at Bondla “Den restaurant” offers you food inside the Bondla wildlife sanctuary.

The bondla wildlife sanctuary also offers you cottages for a real feel of jungle stay.

The bondla wildlife sanctuary also has a rehabilitation centre for those animals who are injured in human- animal conflict here after proper treatment these animals are released in the protected forest area where they enjoy their life in open.

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