Location of Shimla : - Shimla is a hill town in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, Himachal is a north Indian state comprising of former hill states of the Punjab. Himachal comprises of lower Shivaliks and high peaks of Himalaya.

How to Reach Shimla

Shimla by Road : - Shimla is very well connected by a four lane highway with kalka and Chandigarh, Chandigarh is situated at a distance of 120 kms while Kalka is some 88 kms. Manali another very famous hill town of Himachal is 350 kms from Shimla. Shimla is very well connected with bus transport to all major cities of Himachal Pradesh. The buses connect all major towns of adjoining states even the national capital Delhi. There is a roadways bus connecting Kaja a town in the Spiti valley. Spiti is northern part of Himachal very near to china.

Shimla By Air : - The nearest airport to shimla is the Shimla airport and Chandigarh international airport located around 3 hours drive from the city of Shimla. The Amritsar airport (Raja Sansi international) is another airport some 300 kms from Shimla, apart from the Indira Gandhi International airport at Delhi which is around 350 kms from the Shimla city.

Shimla By Train : - The nearest broad guage railway station is kalka which is connected with all major stations and cities of India. The kalka Shimla narrow guage railway line constructed by the British India govt in 1903 is a UNESCO world heritage railway line. The passengers enjoy the joyous ride from kalka to Shimla. Passing through 103 tunnels, 912 curves, 969 bridges There are 20 beautiful picturesque stations on this 90 kms route. Though road route is a faster option but there is no parallel to the ride by the heritage rail from kalka to Shimla.

History Architecture and Places to Visit: - Shimla the name probably came from the temple of Shymla Devi. The sprawling city of Shimla which is today a modern destination was a small village in the nineteenth century. The British discovered this place and they loved the cool serene environment of the Shimla hills. This place was very near to the British encampment of Ludhiana. Slowly the British came here to escape the hot summer months of North India. In year 1864 the British declared Shimla as the summer capital of India.

Shimla soon also became the capital of the then state of Punjab when capital was moved from the city of Murree to Shimla. Shimla is a hill station surrounded by hills decked with Pine and oak trees, the thick foliage on the high hills makes a pleasant sight for the eyes. Shimla is situated at an elevation of 2206 meter from the sea level. Being the summer capital Shimla played a pivotal role in holding very famous meetings. In 1913-14 a treaty was signed between the then British India Government and Republic of China and the then Tibet. The agenda of the meeting was to demarcate Tibet, China and India. An effective boundary line called Mac Mohan Line came into existence. This line divides present India and China.

Famous accord between Julfikar Ali Bhutto the Pakistani Premiere and Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi known as Shimla Accord was signed here after the Indo Pak war of 1971 in Shimla. Even today disputes between India and Pakistan are referred to this accord.

Shimla has always been known because of its location on the hills of Dhauladhar Mountains. These mountains are home to a plethora of exotic flora and fauna. The hills lined up with towering pine and oak trees make up the serene atmosphere of Shimla. Shimla has many sightseeing opportunities for a traveler. The tourist can spend days at Shimla without a break. Shimla will certainly keep calling the fans year after year.

Places to visit Shimla

1. Jakhoo Hill : - The highest point in Shimla is the Jakhoo hill at round 2591 meters. There is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanumana, A large idol of Lord Hanumana know as Jakhoo in local parlance stands tall at the Jakhoo hill. Jakhoo hill is connected with down town Shimla via a ropeway. The ropeway starts from the ridge ground to the Jakhoo Temple. The sight from the Jakhoo hill is truly mesmerizing you will love the scenic beauty of the Shimla area from the heights of Jakhoo hill.

2. The Mall Shimla : - Almost all the famous hill stations boast of a mall road. Shimla also has a mall road Known for swanky shops and food stores. This is a favorite spot of the holidayers coming to Shimla. There are many cafes, restaurants, stores selling exotic handicraft items, wooden articles etc. You can buy souvenirs, have a cup of coffee and if you just want to spend quality time then the mall at Shimla is an ideal place for you.

3. Shimla Ridge : - The broad road on the high Shimla hill is called the Ridge. Tourists enjoy a walk on the ridge of Shimla. Christ church a famous Christian church is situated at the ridge. The old English styled buildings constructed during the Raj days make the ridge a speed Places. The ridge is also famous for its snowfall during the winter season.

4. Kufri : - Situated around 20 kms away from the city of Shimla kufri is specially famous for its sai resort. The natural scenery at Kufri is amazing even during the summer time the weather in Kufri is very pleasant, in monsoon time the Kufri is all covered with low clouds which appear to be so low that you can literally feel them. The best time to enjoy snow activity in Kufri are the months of December and January. Tourists interested in hiking and trekking should certainly visit Kufri.

5. Chail : - Chail is a pristine hill station famous for the summer palace of the Maharaja of Patiala. The palace has been now converted in to a hotel you can stay here or can simply enjoy your meals at its extravagant period restaurant. Chail is just 45 kms from Shimla and is famous for its dense forests. You can go trekking at chail. Chail also has a polo ground which is supposed to be the highest polo ground. There is a cricket stadium too at chail.

Best season to visit Shimla : - Shimla has the best season very conducive even during the hot summer months. When the temperature goes up to 45 degree Celsius in the plains the temperature never goes beyond 30 degree Celsius in Shimla, the minimum is around 15 degree Celsius during the summer months. The best season starts in month of April till June when the Shimla is most crowded. If you are interested to see the lush green hills of Shimla then even monsoon is a good time to visit Shimla. If you are interested in enjoying the snow and winter activity here then try out the months of December and January.

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