Chand Baori

Chand Baori

Location of Chand Baori : - the Abhaneri step well and the Harshit Mata temple are located in the district Dausa of Rajasthan state. The way to the temple and the step well is through the Sikandra crossing on the Jaipur – Agra highway, traveling from Jaipur turn towards left, again travel on the road and a mile before the village Peechupara Khurd turn right and reach straight to the Abhaneri step well popularly known as Chand Baori. The temple and the step well are 95 kms from Jaipur.

Best time to visit Chand Baori

The step well and the temple is situated in the desert state having a severe summer season so remember visit the step well and the temple in winter season. The winter season starts in October and ends in March every gear.

History of Chand Baori

This area of Rajasthan has been ruled by many rulers and many dynasties, one such dynasty of the Chahmans ruled over this area in the 8th century. The king Chanda constructed the step well and the name was given Chand Baori to the step well. The king also made a temple for the deity he revered. The deity was Harshit Mata the Goddess of Joy.

Chand Baori step well Architecture

The step wells are a normal part of day to day life in the area of Rajasthan which is also very well known as a desert state. Water is a scarce commodity in desert and its very well guarded too. These are very important reasons for the unique architecture of Abhaneri step well. This area of Rajasthan has a low level very old Aravali mountain range, the stones excavated from the mountains have been used primarily in the architecture of the step well and the temple.

Facts about Chand Baori

The step well is a structure well guarded with high walls and a single entrance. The entrance is also connected with a palace going down to the water table thus providing the cold succor along with water in the hot summer months. The step well has the palace on one side and the steps leading to the small well or the water table. The step well is 13 storeyes and has a depth of around 100 feet and the steps appear leading sideways. There are platforms comprising of steps leading to the water table, the platform on the ground level is inform of a verandah covered with stone ceiling resting on stone pillar. The palace has extra ordinary display of stone work, some extraordinary stone sculptures can also be seen at the palace.

Harshit Mata Temple near Chand Baori

Just very near is the temple of Harshit Mata. The temple is situated on an elevated platform constructed and crafted from the stones. The stairs lead to the top and the top of the platform offers a picturesque view of the surrounding area which is absolutely flat. The temple was razed by the Islamic raiders and has been repaired and renovated. The temple displays amazing sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddess.

Chand Baori Entrance charges @ INR 15

The Indian tourist are levied an entrance fee of 15 Rs while the foreign tourist are charged 200 Rs to visit the Chand Baori. The children up to the age of 15 are free irrespective of their ethnicity.

Where to have lunch near Chand Baori?

This place is a small village and is developing as a tourist destination because of the temple and the step well; three are small local restaurants where you can have your meals. Accommodation is not available.

Street shopping at Chand Baori

There are small shops selling souvenirs to the tourist you can buy the Rajasthani souvenirs and marble souvenirs from these local shops.

The temple came in prominence and popular as many documentaries were made on the monkeys inhabiting the temple. National geographic also made a documentary on the famous monkeys of Galta Ji.The monkeys can be seen bathing, loitering around happily in the temple and they number in thousands.

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