Choki Dhani

Choki Dhani

Location of Choki Dhani : - The restaurant chokhi dhani is located on the 12th mile stone of the Tonk-Jaipur road. Do remember to carefully look for the signage of chokhi dhani, as the restaurant will fall on the right hand side of the four lane road. There is a flyover right at the location and you will have to cross underneath to reach the chokhi dhani.

Chokhi is a Rajasthani word which means “impeccable”. Dhani is another Rajasthani word meaning a hamlet of traditional mud houses in the desert state of Rajasthan.
The idea behind the choki Dhani is to paint a picture perfect of a Rajasthani village in front of the tourists and Indian visitors, an insight in to the local rural culture, traditions and lifestyle. Cuisine and culinary delights sure are in separable parts of the traditions and at chokhi dhani they assume the centre stage. Hospitality is another very important factor in Jaipur Tours. At chokhi dhani an all out attempt is made to let the customers feel they are privileged.

The architecture is typically Rajasthan theme inspired with applied paste of mud and the designed frescoes. Application of vermilion and a welcome with a marigold garland makes a tourists feel real important. Seated cross legs he/she is pampered with flowing hot desert delicacies unlimited. The cuisine is traditional and typical Rajasthani. The visitors can amuse themselves by riding camel, bullock or a Tonga depending upon personal choice if interested you can shop for local handmade handicraft souvenirs, The live artist perform acrobatics, puppet shows, magic shows ,In sum total an evening at chokhi dhani is worth spent.

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