Doll Museum

Doll Museum

The dolls are silent story tellers of the human history. Nothing entices more- than a beautifully decorated doll to the kids, the dolls since time immemorial have been made and they tell a story which needs keen ears and patience to hear.

India is divided in 29 states, these states display a variety of social and cultural phenomena. The culinary delights, the languages, the clothes and the dress up of the locals changes very radically, A Gujarati doll show cases an ethnic vibrant Gujarat lady dressed up in a kathia wadi lehnga and Odhni while a Manipuri doll displays the Manipuri skirt and the top. One such wonderful world of dolls exists in the pink city of Jaipur. A visit to this wonderland will take you back to your dream childhood. The dolls museum has thousands of dolls on display, these dolls not only display Indian art and heritage but there are dolls from far off lands such as Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and many more.

The Indian dolls come from various states such as Bengal, Punjab, Tamilnadu etc. There are dolls clad up in attire displaying Bharat natyam dance form and other forms of dances. A new and different section of comic characters and super heroes like superman, spider man etc. This section takes kids in to a dream state.

Location of Doll Museum Jaipur : - The doll museum is very centrally located in the city of Jaipur. In your Jaipur Tours you can hire a car or ride a local bus and alight at the Ram Niwas bagh bus stand the museum is very near from here. The Jawaharlal Nehru marg bus stop is also not very far from the bus stop.

Entrances of Doll Museum : - The doll museum has a nominal entrance fee to promote spectators admire the world of dolls. Indian are charged 10 rs while foreign nationals are charged INR 50. The museum is open on all days of the week

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