Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple

Jaipur is a dream destination for the vacationers as well as shoppers. If you are in Jaipur do not forget to stop at the handicraft places full of blue pottery, textiles and rug stores. Have the information about the carpet history, manufacturing in India and the materials used in the making of the carpet.

Location of Galta Ji : - Located around 10 kms from Jaipur city in the surroundings hills of Jaipur is the Galta Ji temple. On the road back to Jaipur from Amber ,turn towards the Jaipur transport nagar on to the left side is the Galta ji temple, there are two ways to approach the temple the first one is from Jal Mahal crossing and the other one is from the Sisodiya rani ka bagh (sisodiya rani garden ).There is a massive gate near the main road, the temple is situated on a very high elevation you can go on foot,the scene of Jaipur city from the hill is real good.

History and Architecture : - Between the crevice of two high hills is situated the natural water source (known as Gaumukh) this natural water feeds the seven historic and sacred ponds (kund) the devotees bathe in those sacred ponds. There are a series of temples at Galta Ji dedicated to lord Hanumana, Lord Rama, Sun temple & Lord Krishna.

Just in front of the entrance gate(from the Sisodiya Rani ka bagh side) is the towering temple of lord Rama made in typical Rajasthani style with Multi cusped arches, the temple has idols of lord Rama, Lord Laxman, there is an idol displaying characters of both Lord Rama and Krishna. The chattris the canopies the arches are all displaying the typical Rajasthani style of architecture.

The temple is known to be built at the place where ancient sage Galav ji performed meditation in the satyuga. In your Jaipur Tours you must include this site in the tour plan. This is the seat of the Shri Vaishnava traditions.The temple was made by Diwan kripa Ram This is in occupation of Vaishnava Ramanuja sect. A Ramanandi sadhu is said to have occupied the temple in 1803.The temple has painted walls and ceilings in typical Rajasthani style.

The temple came in prominence and popular as many documentaries were made on the monkeys inhabiting the temple. National geographic also made a documentary on the famous monkeys of Galta Ji.The monkeys can be seen bathing, loitering around happily in the temple and they number in thousands.

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