Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal

Location of Hawa Mahal : - Located in the badi chaupad area of the old walled Jaipur city is the Hawa Mahal.


Indians INR 50, Foreigners-INR 200

History and architecture of Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is the iconic face of Jaipur city and is the markebale joy of Jaipur Tours. As the Taj Mahal represents the city of Agra the beehive Jharokhas of Hawa Mahal represent the splendour of Jaipur, built in 1799 by the grandson of Sawai Raja Jai Singh I. Raja Sawai Pratap Singh built this structure primarily for the ladies of the house. Maharaja got utterly inspired by a palace in jhunjhunu (Khatri Mahal).Ustad lal chand was the architect of the grand project. The jharokhas totalling 953 face the main street and these windows or the Jharokhas were the main reason for the construction of the hawa Mahal.
As the royal parades marched on the road underneath the royal ladies who practiced the purdah system were able to closely introspect the parade from behind the lattice screens of the jharokhas.
The commoners on the road were not able to see the royal ladies over looking the humdrum of the bazaar or the parade. The lattice screen Jharokhas also worked with the scientific principles to cool the interior rooms as the hot blowing wind entered the small openings of the lattice screen. Escaping on the inner end producing a cool reflect also known as ventury effect.
There is a palace behind the main face of Hawa Mahal. The first three stories are in shape of halls with fountains while the top stories are single rooms. There are temples on every floor. There is a museum operating in this palace displaying exhibits such as antiques, terracotta items, things used by the royalty. Ratan mandir the temple on the second floor has coloured glass work shining brightly with sun light, All these floors have no stairs rather ramps to facilitate the palanquins of the royal ladies. For reading more about hawa Mahal read our blog.

What is most famous about Hawa Mahal ?

The face of the Hawa Mahal displaying the beehive shaped jharokhas is the most famous iconic aspect of the Hawa Mahal. The tourists do stop in front of this face and get their instagram worthy favourite pictures posing in front of the Hawa Mahal.

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