Jaipur Handicrafts

Jaipur Handicrafts

Jaipur is a dream destination for the vacationers as well as shoppers. If you are on Jaipur Tours do not forget to stop at the handicraft places full of blue pottery, textiles and rug stores. Have the information about the carpet history, manufacturing in India and the materials used in the making of the carpet.

History of Carpet Making in India: - India manufactures the best Persian carpets since the mughal times. A department known as “faraash Khana” was responsible to make and supply carpets to the mughal palaces. The officer looking after the “faraash Khana’ was an important one. These carpets were made by the qualified carpet makers. After the Mughal Empire these trained and qualified sought patron ship of the jaipur royalty, since then Jaipur has been the centre of carpet manufacture and export in north India.

Carpet export in Jaipur: -Jaipur is today a very important centre for carpet export, on your Jaipur tour you can avail an opportunity to visit a carpet manufacturing and export unit.

Cost of a Persian CarpetIndia is a very cost effective destination for buying the Persian handmade carpets, in comparison to destinations like Istanbul and Samarkand the carpets made in India are better in quality and are real cost effective too. The cost of a Persian carpet depends on two factors;-

1. Material

2. Quality of workmanship

Materials used in Carpet Making: - The carpets are made with diverse material the most common are sheep wool, silk, camel wool, cotton Yarn. The loom is a manual machine where the carpet weaver sits comfortably and carpet is woven first laying the vertical fabric called (Taani). This may be cotton or wool or silk then successive horizontal hand knots are tied by the artisans the hand knots can be with wool or silk if the vertical fabric is wool and knots are tied with wool then carpet is called wool upon wool if the vertical fabric is silk and the knots are also tied with silk then the carpet is called silk upon silk. As silk is costlier in comparison to wool the rate of silk upon silk is the highest.

Workmanship of Jaipur Carpets: - The carpet weaving is a very skilled craft. The rates of a carpet depends upon the workmanship, the designs how intricate they are, the knots per centimeter, these factors decide the rates of the furnished product.

Carpet manufacturing in Jaipur: - The clients on their Jaipur tour can visit a carpet manufacturing unit where they can see live now yarn is coloured and dyed ,how the yarn is arranged on the wooden looms (khaddi) then these skilled craftsmen tie the knots one by one in a traditional way, how the craftsmen sitting convey the design patterns to each other in vocal code which appears like a song to the on looker. How the finished carpet is first hand cut and finished. How quality is checked for the furnished product and finally product is put on for sale.

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