Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival

Location; - Diggi Palace, Jaipur

Jaipur is a venue to one of the most important event on the calendar of literary events in India. If you desire for Jaipur Tours you must plan such dates when this festival is held. The Jaipur literature festival incepted in 2006 has been going on without a break since 2006, even in 2021 a virtual event was organized with some very well known writers being on the panel. Bill gates, Priyanka chopra jones were also amongst the list of participants at this virtual edition of the Jaipur literature festival.

The main aim of the literature festival is to bring very well known writers on the dias and initiate a meaningful dialogue and debate on the literary works of these accomplished writers. Debates and monologues are held on the write ups of various writers.

Starting in 2006 with mere 18 writers on the panel some of them like Mr. William darymple, Shobha De, Hari Kunjru being very well known names on the literary front of India and abroad. A small crowd of just around 100 people most of whom were tourists attended the literature festival in 2006. So engrossed they were in the proceedings of the literature fest that most of them make it a point to attend the same every year.

Just in two years the attendees swelled to 2500 in number some very well known authors like Mr. Salman Rushdee attended the literature festival. Most of the authors came from various parts of the world. The literature festival sure started on the right note.

In 2009 the festival had more than 140 authors and 12000 attendees, the rise in number of authors and attendees was sure an evidence of the success of the literature festival.

In 2010 the number of participants rose to 30000 with a large panel of 172 authors. In last 16 years the stature of Jaipur literature festival sure has grown and today it is a major event held in India. Jaipur being a host to such an event is sure a matter of pride.

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