Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

Location of Jantar Mantar : - The jantar mantar is the popular attraction Jaipur Tours this is situated at proximity of the city palace just a two minute walk from city palace well lead you to the jantar mantar. The walled city of Jaipur is the badi chaupad area is the Jantar Mantar of Jaipur situated.

History and architecture of Jantar Mantar

The king who made the historical city of Jaipur sawai Raja Jai singh II was the person behind the construction of Jantar Mantar at jaipur, he made total 05 Jantar mantar at different locations , one such Jantar mantar is there in national capital Delhi. “Jantar” word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yantra” Yantra means a device. a machine used to perform a certain function. The yatras at the Jantar Mantar are actually devices which could make out coordinates vital for astronomical calculations. The timing of solstice, the coordinates of pole star, keeping the time accurately are some of the function of these jantras, The successors of sawai Raja jai singh Ii like king madho singh (1750-1768) pratap singh (1778-1803), ram singh (1835-1880) restored and renovated the jantar mantar. During the British rule the archeological survey of India officially undertook the restoration process of the jantar mantar jaipur. These yantras mostly at jantar mantar are made from marble, stone and mortar. These yantras were originally made in metal and then replicated in a larger scale in marble/stone.
There are 19 yantras in total at the Jantar Mantar jaipur. These calculations are very vital for making astrological predictions. The horoscope etc all require the celestial positions of various planets & stars.

Timing at Jantar Mantar

Similar to the other monuments preserved and managed by ASI the timing at Jantar mantar for the tourists is from sunrise to sunset.

Entrance ticket of Jantar mantar

Indian Citizens ;- Rs. 50 per person

Foreign citizens ;- Rs. 200 per person

Children under 15 are exempted.

Students Indians/ foreign are levied @50%off their category.

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