Kerala the southernmost state of India is famous for its sun kissed beaches, enchanting water ways, culture and its people. Alleppey a coastal town in Kerala is famous for its alluring water ways but it has much more to offer, the beaches at alleppey are also a traveler delight they present an excellent sunset view which the travelers never forget, Allepey is also famous for the boat race festival conducted on the serene waters of lake Vembanad.

How to Reach Alappuzha : - Alleppey or Alaphuza is very well connected by an excellent network of road, railways and flight. There are multiple highways connecting Alleppey with major cities of kerala, highway no 66 connects Alleppy with kochi.
There is a railway station at Alaphuzha which is also very well connected with major cities of India. Kochi has a major airport, the airport at Thiruvanthapuram is also not far from Alleppey, tourist can use either of them to reach Alleppey.

Water Ways Supply : - Alleppey is known for its conspicuous water ways which are a life line to its population. These water ways pass across villages, you can see the local women washing clothes as you serenely row besides them these water ways connect with the Vembanad lake where the famous boat race is held on the Onam festival, this boat race is known as” kumarakom boat race”. Thousands of on lookers cheer the rowers as they paddle fast and furious in the waters of the Vembanad lake. The water ways can be explored in various ways and according to the budget. If you don’t want to spend much then you can enjoy a ferry boat ride connecting kumarakom with alleppey this ride doesn’t costs much but sure will give you a very good experience of the water ways and lake Vembanad.

Rice Barge/House Boats - In local language these are also called the “ketuvallam” these large boats with all sorts of comfort on board are available on hire the ride starts at 12 pm and ends the next days at 9:00 am these boats boast of all creature comforts like a/c, well furnished bed rooms, lobby, conference rooms etc. The meals are all included in the hire cost, you can enjoy the excellent kerala cuisine on board as you silently sail on the water ways silently experiencing the life of kerala. There are categories of the house boats available the luxury variant can be hired at around 15000 INR for the entire trip while those furnished with lesser frills cost less. Cherish the local toddy along with sea food as you sail on your rice barge tour.
If you are short of time you can hire these boats for a few hours tour normally 3-4 hours hour tour is good for exploring the waterways, the house boats can be hired on hourly basis. A single day tour from cochin can be easily arranged. Other tourist attraction in Alleppey- Alleppey is certainly a destination with lot of scope for a multiday itinerary, you can explore many beaches around Alleppey where you can silently enjoy the sunset or can bask under the sun. The silent tranquility prevails at these beaches Pozihyoram beach, Marari beach, Alleppey beach etc are easy to approach and explore.
Hindu temples in Alleppey ;- This area is predominately Hindu you can visit a Hindu temple and experience the Hindu traditions, Mullakad temple, Kidama parambu temple are old Hindu temples in Alleppey where you can experience the Hindu religion in detail. Also visit St Mary’s syro-Malabar church.
International coir museum – This is also an interesting place, coconut is grown everywhere in this coastal state, this museum provides you an in-depth knowledge about how coir fibre is extracted from coconut and the various uses for this fibre. The machinery used is also on display. Visit is aided by guides provided by the museum. There is a souvenir shop in the museum where you can find some very interesting exhibits on sale.

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