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Munnar is located in Idukki district of Kerala and pin code of Munnar is 685612. Driving just 130 kms from the coastal city of Kochi will take you to a kingdom of dreams where the clouds fare so low that you actually seem to touch them this place settled in the high hills at an elevation of 1600 metres (5000 feet) is called Munnar. Tea plantations going on for miles and miles set across valleys where there are scores of gushing waterfalls, picturesque locations which make for believing the story of Alice in wonderland, Munnar certainly is no less than any mythological wonderland.

How to reach Munnar? : - Munnar is just 130 kms from the Kochi city it is also connected with highway going to Madurai, the nearest railway station in Ernakulam. The nearest international airport is Kochi which is well connected with all Indian cities and major international destinations.

Munnar Weather : - Munnar is situated at an elevation of 16oo metres above sea level there are three rivers flowing near the munnar city, the temperature is very pleasant throughout the year with maximum staying around 25 degree Celsius and the minimum in the range of 15-17 Degree Celsius. The British developed Munnar to escape the hot and sultry coastal climate of kerala, Munnar reminded them of their home-Britain. The British started the tea and coffee plantation in Munnar which today can be seen in almost all the areas of Munnar.

Days for Munnar Tour- Munnar can be explored even on a weekend, you can go through the popular spots in a day or two experiencing the hill station. If you have probably a week then also you can utilize every bit of it as you can choose to trek and experience the rich natural treks like Anmudi peak/ chakraMudhi trek or explore the tea plantations and national parks.
Best time for Munnar tourism- Best time to visit Munnar is just after the monsoons when the area is lush green and there are plenty of water falls gushing out of the lush green hills of Munnar. The month of September is ideal to tour Munnar.

Munnar activities: - Munnar is a hill station situated in kerala, it is famous for its peculiar natural environment you can engage in various activities at munnar.

1. Trekking: - there are excellent natural treks where you can scale the peak of the mountains like chakramudhi trail which is a good 3 hour trek through the nature and wild life.These treks sure will challenge you physically as the undulating surface offers lots of physical challenge.

2. Wild life: - There are many famous wild life national parks around Munnar where you can go for wild life photography or can experience nature.

3. Nature: - There are many spots around munnar where you can experience the best natural scenery the blanket of fog makes munnar amazing and mysterious. Top station and sunrise spot are such places where you can experience the best scenery.

4. Boating: - There are lakes around Munnar where you can enjoy , hire a boat and go for boating. Echo point, Metupetty dam,Devikulam/Sitadevi lake are such places where you can go boating.

Munnar Tourist Places

1. Ernakulam National Park: - This national park is situated in an area of around 100 km, it is spread wide in two districts Iduki and Ernakulam. The park has a rich fauna of around 27 mamalian species, Around 132 bird species have been spotted in the Ernakulam national park. The national park has the highest population of Nilgiri tahr which stands at around 750 individuals. The park is divided in to the core, buffer and area for tourist. No tourist are allowed in the core and buffer areas.

2. Tea estates: - The entire Munnar is famous for the tea plantations, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of these plantations spread in the natural valleys, you can visit the KaNandevan tea plantations where you can learn in detail about the commercial tea production, Munnar city has a tea shop run by the Kanandevan tea gardens.

3. Nature Gazing Spots: - Munnar has plenty of nature if you are touring Munnar then you should visit the “top station” and the sunrise spot both famous for exotic natural scenery. The top spot is basically a spot down in the valley and on the cliff from where you can experience the charismatic natural scenery, it is situated around 32 kms from munnar and a nominal fees of 25 rupees is charged on visiting it. The sunrise spot is located around 2 hours drive from Munnar where you can experience the astonishing sunrise across the hills and cliffs of Munnar.

4. Lakes: - Munnar in actual means a land of three rivers namely Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundali rivers, water is aplenty, there are various lakes at munnar famous for tourist activity - Kundala lake, Mattupetty dam, echo point, Devikulam/siitadevi are actually famous lakes and tourist spots in Munnar where you can enjoy the nature and get engrossed in water sports.

5. Waterfalls: - The hills of Munnar are resplendent with many waterfalls move straight after the monsoons when the waterfalls are prominent and very strong, valara waterfalls, Thoovanam waterfalls, Attukal, Periyar canal waterfalls are some beautiful waterfalls around Munnar which the tourists can relish.

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