Tips for Manali Leh

Tips for Manali Leh

The drive from Manali to Leh is an adventure you wont forget for a long time. We have compiled few important tips to keep in consideration if you are planning to undertake this trip.

1: - This stretch has lots of water crossings, patches where there is no proper road so the best solution is to arrange a 4x4 vehicle for this trip,if 4x4 vehicle is not possible then do arrange a vehicle with high ground clearance like Hyundai Creta or Maruti Suzuki Brezza. If you undertake this arduous journey using a small hatch back car then you might end up damaging your vehicle and chances of you being stranded are also high so select your vehicle wisely.

2: -Start early from Manali as there is a police barrier at Darchu which doesn’t allows vehicle movement towards Leh later than 1:00 Pm. If you are late at this post then you will have to spend your night at Jispa. There are good tented accommodation available at Jispa. The area around Jispa is very picturesque and offers amazing panorama.

3: -When undertaking this road trip have a closer look at your car tyres as they will take a tough beating on this journey. It will be better if you carry a puncture kit along with an electronic tyre inflator as chances are you wont find a puncture repair shop easily on this road.

4 :-Do carry some extra fuel with you as the fuel pumps are situated wide apart in small towns only. In case of an emergency this extra fuel will sure save your day.

  • 5: -Carry small portable oxygen cylinder as the high altitude passes may trigger altitude sickness and your oxygen saturation level may drop while passing through these high passes also carry an oxymeter to measure the blood oxygen level.

  • 6:-A small stretch on this road has no metal surface, only mud track where you might loose track of your direction, worse part is here even Google Map doesn’t works as mostly mobile network doesn’t exists. so carry a magnetic compass which sure will aid you on this wonderful journey.

  • 7:- Do carry the heavy woolens as even during the summer season the temperature can go down drastically specially on the high altitude passes of this road.

  • 8:-Night driving is not possible on this road and it should be avoided at all cost.

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