Haji Ali

Haji Ali

How to Reach Haji Ali Mumbai:- Haji Ali is an iconic landmark of the Mumbai city. Just around 500 meters from the mairland of worli Mahalxmi situated in the midst of the Arabian sea is the Hajrat Ali Dargah popularly known as Haji Ali. It’s probably the most popular masjid in Mumbai. The nearest railway station to the haji Ali dargah is the Mahalaxmi Railway station on the western line of the Mumbai local. You can reach the Dargah riding a local best bus or a taxi.

History of Haji Ali: - This Dargah is the Burial place of the Sufi saint Hajrat Ali Bukhari who popularly was called Haji Ali. He was a healthy merchant from Bukhara who later influenced by the sufi islam renenciated all his wealth, he came to India and made Mumbai his home to spread the gospel of islam to the local population is the fifteenth century. He was a miracle man and is known to have multicuous pioneer. After his death according to his wish his coffin was left in the sea and was later buried at a place where it was found light in the urge of the Arabian sea.

Architecture of Haji Ali:- The white marble edifice is the background of the huge Arabian sea looks miraculous and amazing a small winding road without any railing line up by numerous shops selling flowers and incense sticks leads you up to the dargah. This narrow road gets submerged under the tidal waves of the hi tide and is accessible only in the low tide condition.

In a large open courtyard is the marble structure housing the plane of the sufi saint, cornered by floral offerings and the chadars the dargah is frequented by the visitors all day long. There is a mosque associated with the Dargah. The mosque is to fecilitate the devotees to say their namaaz. The loral rocks near the dargah offer an amazing view of the Arabian sea and the Mumbai Haji Ali image.

A place of Hindu Muslim unity :- The Haji ali though is a Muslim shrine but its well frequented by the Hindu devotees who have a strong belief in the saint Haji, Ali. There is no restriction of any religion as you visit the dargah. You can easily spot the Haji Ali Mumbai photos even in the business establishments of Hindus and followers of other religion.

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