Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

Location of Hanging Gardens Mumbai: - The hanging garden and the kamla Nehru park are situated on the Malabar hills, this place is at proximity with the August kranti Maidan and the Girgam Chawpatty.

How to reach Hanging Gardens Mumbai

Reaching the hanging garden is not very tough, it’s located very near to the marine drive and the famed Queen’s necklace, you can hire a local taxi to reach the Hanging Gardens and the Kamla Nehru park. You can also catch the local city bus from places at proximity like Girgam Chawpatty.

Entrance & Timings

Entry to the Hanging Garden and Kamla Nehru Park is free. The park is open from 5 am to 9 pm every day.

History of Hanging Gardens Mumbai

Even in the nineteenth century Mumbai was a sprawling busy city, Amidst the crowded location of Mumbai overlooking the Queen’s circle a green garden was envisaged by Mr. Ulhas Ghopokar, the location was at the Malabar hills which was also the then water reservoir of Mumbai. The Malabar hills had the Parsi (Zoroastrian) Angiyari (A place of fire worship) and the tower of silence. (Tower of silence is the place where the Zoroastrians leave bodies of their dead to be exhumed by the scavenger birds). The people of Mumbai feared the water reservoir to be contaminated by the activities of the tower of silence, So the gardens were designed to safeguard the water reservoir. This was done in 1881. The gardens were later nomenclated as Pheroze shah garden in memory of a renowned advocate Mr Pheroze Shah Mehta who was also a known philanthropic and a social activist. Many attractions since then have been added to the garden.

The Hanging Garden & Kamla Nehru Park

Mumbai a sprawling city with a population of more than 190 million doesn’t have too many green patches. A green garden in Mumbai that too just a stone throw away from the down town Mumbai. The gardens and the greenery at the Kamla Nehru park and the hanging Gardens is amazing just greenery is enough for anyone to spend leisure time at this location, The hanging garden is traversed by variety of visitors, the morning walkers, the fitness enthusiasts, the travelers, the tourists. The best part of Hanging gardens and Kamla Nehru Park is its location overlooking the Mumbai City. As the night draws the Queen’s necklace lights up presenting a never to forget scene for the travelers. The Mumbai hi rise buildings , Girgawn Chowpatty, the marine drive all is visible from the hanging gardens of Mumbai. The scenery from the high elevation of the Malabar hills paints different pictures right from the sunrise as the Mumbai is enveloped in the morning fog, As the day progresses the scenery changes every hour, sunset is also breath taking at the Hanging gardens and the night is most magical as the Mumbai lights dazzle and flicker in the waters of the bay.

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