Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

Mumbai is famous for sprawling beaches and beach life. These beaches are frequented by the tourists as well as by the localites. Lots of people use these beaches for the morning and evening walks and fishermen also take advantage of them. It’s very healthy to stroll by the beach site and be a silent spectator of the activities going on the famous beaches of Mumbai such as Juhu Beach.

How to reach Juhu Beach?

Best way to access Juhu Beach is by public transport as not much parking space is available and you might have to wait a long time to park your car at the Juhu beach. Alight at the vile Parle/Santa Cruz/Andheri station of the Mumbai local western line and from there hire a tuk tuk to reach the beach. There is a bus stand at the beach but few buses ply and may be a cumber some task waiting for the bus.

Best Time to Visit Juhu Beach

The Juhu Beach is worth a visit in any season, just avoid the monsoons as the sea in monsoon is rough with high tidal waves which will ruin your experience of the beach. Mumbai being a coastal city the winters are not very harsh and in summers the cool sea breeze is a big welcome respite in the hot weather of Mumbai.

Why Juhu Beach is famous?

Juhu beach certainly is the best beach sight amidst the down town Mumbai city, the beach offers a real good feel of the sea. It’s a long and clear stretch of Golden brown sand with the Arabian Sea offering a picturesque view. This beach is famous both with the tourists and the local Mumbai kars who come here every day for their morning walk or an evening walk.

Some people might argue that it’s not the cleanest beach but over the years the sense is rising and the beach is becoming more clean than before. The beach has the coconut water sellers, the tea sellers etc which at times prove to be a nuisance to the tourist because of constant approaches/sales calls. The Juhu beach is the best place to sight the movie stars, if you are lucky you will cite a popular movie star enjoying his/her evening at the Juhu Beach, the television stars are easy to spot and you sure will spot a few of them at the Juhu beach.

Juhu Chowpatty : - Very near to the Juhu Beach is a cluster of street food shacks selling a variety of Mumbaiya street food. Pao Bhaji, Vada Pao, Bhajiya, Masala dosa, Cheese omlettes and a lot more, if you are a street food freak than this place is for you. Through quality might not be the best but the location makes it go. After a long evening at the beach a sumptuous snack at the Juhu beach chowpatty is not a wrong idea.

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