The sweltering heat of Mumbai forces you to seek respite in the high altitude of the Sahyadri hills; this is the time for a holiday break at lonawala / matheran hill stations.

Location of Lonavala Mumbai : - The lonavala is located at close proximity to the Mumbai city and Pune city it requires a drive of an hour and half from the Mumbai city (83 kms) while Pune is also not very far off and it takes almost similar time from Pune. The distance between Matheran and lonavala is just 38 kms. It’s better to tour both these destination in one go.

How to Travel to Lonavala and Matheran from Mumbai

The best way to access the hill station at Lonavala and Matheran is to drive/ hire a taxi from the city of Mumbai and Pune.. You can also access the same with local buses/ trains. Lonavala is situated on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. You can catch a straight bus to lonavala from Panvel bus stand, lonavala is also a train station on the Mumbai Pune rail network. The nearest train station to Matheran is the Karjat.

Mumbai is a coastal town and has a very hot summer weather, the Western Ghats (Sahyadri mountain) are not very far from the Mumbai city, A great escape from the hot and humid weather is the hill station of lonavala and Matheran, These are located at an altitude of 624 meter from the sea level. The term lonavala connotes to the series of caves at this place. Khandala is not very far from lonavala infact these are twin towns of lonavala and khandala. The karla and Bhuja series of Buddhist caves are certainly a tourist attraction, more than anything else it’s the weather of these hill stations which attracts the tourists while Mumbai struggles with hot weather in summer and monsoons the weather is lonavala, Khandala and matheran provides a soothing respite. These are the best weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune city.

Best season to visit Lonavala / Matheran

The best season to visit these hill station is certainly the monsoon season, the monsoon brings lots of trouble to the city of Mumbai but the story of lonavala and matheran is altogether different, , The monsoons result in thousands of waterfalls gushing out of the western ghat mountains presenting a pleasant sight to the travelers, the hills are all covered with greenery and the flowers bloom. The temperature is pleasant 25 degree Celsius maximum; this gives an opportunity to the city dwellers of Mumbai and Pune to enjoy their weekends at not far off a destination.

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