Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Location of Marine Drive Mumbai : - The very famous name marine drive is actually a very connected address in the down town Mumbai, an area very famous for the riches of Mumbai. The c shaped bang and the reclaimed area along side was once called the queens areplace. The same stutch of 8.9 kms in length with bay on one side and some very famins and rich address of the Mumbai city across the six lane road. Girgaum chowpatty lies on the extreme end of the marine drive further up to the Malabar hills. There are multiple very famous hi rise buildings on this famous road.

Why is marine drive famous : - This stretch of roads and the associated esplanade has been picturised multiple times in the bollywood movies. The high womes during the monsoon splashing across the sea coast makes a very interesting sight and has been used a lot in the hindi movies. The flyover over the marine drive has also been used a lot by the movie industry. As the hindi movie has a large viewership the area because very pipahar.

Starling very easily in the morning this area is thronged by morning walkees, sunset at this location is another attraction lots of people sit across to enjoy the sea sitting across the bay. The real estate across the marine drive is one of the costliest in India the rentals can compare with any exhorbitant priced area on this globe. This area is prized catch for this corporate address.

The area has some top of the line luxury five star hotels for Mumbai, the oberoi , the intercontinental hotel marine plaza, sea green hotel and a plethora of small hotel propectius line up the marine drive as the enemy draws the crowd swells as they indulge in enjoying the street food along with a sip of chai, some very famous fulan personalities are also seen over here riding their muscle cars and super bikes.

There are very famous sports celebs on this stretch, cricket club of india, garwara club houseetc. The area was first choice of the rich parsi population who mades seavenly bungalows some of then still survive.

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