Ujjayanta Palace Museum

Ujjayanta Palace Museum

Location of Ujjayanta Palace Museum: - This grand palace is located in the state capital of Tripura the city of Agartala.

History & Features of Ujjayanta Palace Museum: - This beautiful palace was built by the manikya dynasty of Tripura, it was built by king Radha kishore manikya, it took three years between 1899-1901 to construct the grand palace which was called ujjayanta palace by the noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore. This palace was constructed at a cost of ten lakh rupees. The palace has a beautiful garden designed on the likes of Mughal gardens beautiful sculptures and manmade lakes adorn the gardens The entry gate is also an architectural wonder. The palace is in white colour displaying the classical style with a long winding staircase. The entire structure is constructed on a large 1 square kilometer plot (800 acres). This palace was bought by the Government of Tripurs from manikya rulers in 1971 at a price of 2500000. It was converted in to Tripura state assembly, it remained so till 2011 in 2013 it was transformed in to Tripura state museum. The palace is called Raj bari by the local Bengali population.

Tripura State Museum: - The Tripura state museum was inaugurated by the then vice president of India in 2013, this museum displays the folk history, culture of north east with special focus on the state of Tripura. There are four halls with 76 galleries in the Ujjayanta palace. The museum has a grand display of handicraft, pottery, coins, art & crafts, bronze statues, life style and effigies based on public life. The museum is focused on folk culture and life style of Tripura state. Old stone sculptures even dating one thousand years are on display.

Timings on the museum : - The museum is closed every Monday. Every day the museum operates in two shifts it opens at 10 am till 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Again it opens at 2 pm closing finally at 6 pm.

Entrance of Ujjayanta Palace Museum : - There is an entrance ticket levied on visiting the Tripura state museum. Indians are levied 20 Rs for visiting the museum.

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