Location of Udaipur : - Udaipur is situated in the southern part of the Rajasthan state very near to the Gujarat border. Udaipur pin codes are 313001 to 313011. The city is located strategically on the highway connecting Delhi with Mumbai and Gujarat. The ports of Gujarat provide an impetus to the industry of Udaipur. The capital city of Gujarat Ahmedabad is a mere 270 kms, the time taken to travel between these cities is around 5 hrs. The excellent highways make this travel very comfortable. Jaipur the state capital is around 350 kms from the city of Udaipur. Delhi is around 700 kms and Mumbai stands at around 800 kms from Udaipur. Udaipur is almost equi distance from Delhi and Mumbai. The famous cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are also not very far Jodhpur is a comfortable six hours drive around 300 kms while Jaisalmer takes nine hours (488 kms).

How to reach Udaipur

Udaipur is very well connected by rail, road and by air to almost all parts of India. Trains from Udaipur connect with Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and all major cities of Gujarat. Udaipur has excellent road connectivity with north India, Gujarat, Rajasthan. The highways passing through Udaipur are excellent four and six lane highways. Udaipur has a well equipped airport (Maharana Pratap airport)connecting Udaipur with all major cities of India. There are direct flights from Udaipur to Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur etc.

Udaipur Weather : - Udaipur has best weather in Rajasthan. The enormous water bodies and the low mountain ranges impart Udaipur a very fine weather. The winters are sure the best season to visit Udaipur, the Udaipur temperature in winters remains very comfortable. In day time it goes up to 25 degree celsius and the lowest recorded is around 10 degree Celsius. Even the summers are not very harsh rarely the temperature goes upwards of 40 degree Celsius, minimum stays around 25 degree Celsius making it quite comfortable even in summers. The highest precipitation occurs in the months of June, July and August through the Arabian sea branch of monsoon. Rarely the humidity goes above 70%. The tourists from very hot weather conditions and areas seek respite in udaipur during the summer time.

History and Architecture of Udaipur : - Udaipur is part of the Rajputana. Sisodiya clan of Rajputs made the city of Udaipur. The city was founded by Maharaja Udai singh II in year 1559. This was the time when they were struggling with the Mughal empire, this new city was made with high walls, very well protected by mountains and high walls the city of Udaipur was very well suited to the then artillery war fare. Later the royal clan of Udaipur made peace with the Mughals. The Udaipur rulers were the fore runners to be declared a princely state under the British rule and empire. During these years of the rule the Udaipur dynasty made some very fine palaces and places for recreation, temples for reverence. Infact the entire city of Udaipur bears a prominent signature stamp of the royal family of Mewar. Udaipur is called as the Venice of east. The most famous destination for the newlywed they are enamored by the romance of Udaipur.

Popular Udaipur attractions: - Today Udaipur attracts hordes of tourists and it is the favorite destination of the foreign tourist who are enticed by the beautiful forts, palaces, heritage hotels. There is so much to explore in Udaipur. There is so much in the palaces, lakes, museums, parks of Udaipur to be un revealed.

City palace Udaipur : - Situated on the eastern flank of the largest lake (Pichola) of Udaipur the city palace is no less than a magical dream come true the structure overlooking the lake has series of palaces built by the succession of rulers of the Sisodiya clan. This palace has remarkable influence of the European, Islamic, Saracenic style of architecture upon the Rajasthani-Indian style of architecture, the windows, the cupolas (chattris) the turrets (domes) all bear the classic touch and amalgamation. Maharana Udai singh II started the construction which was later continued by his successors, The Sisodiya clan is believed to be the descendant of lord Rama the epic king from Ramayana, they worship sun. In city palace the effigies of sun can be seen at various places.

Maharana Uday Singh made the palace to be enjoyed by his father Maharana Pratap who because of his tirade against the mughal ruler never could enjoy the royal palace and the luxury, today a section of the city palace has been dedicated to the Maharana Pratap where exhibits related with life and times of maharana Pratap are on display. Body armor of maharana Pratap weighing 25 kgs, effigy of chetak the favorite horse of maharana pratap wearing the camouflage mask disguised as a baby elephant catch the fancy of travelers. Passing through royal gates which could accommodate a caparisoned elephants so aptly called Hathi Pol you stand in front of the city palace with a stunning façade there are series of very impressive palaces, Amar Vilas is the highest point of the city palace and consist of a terrace hanging garden the view of Lake Pichola from this garden is ecstatic. The Krishna vilas, the Sheesh Mahal, the Mor Chowk, Moti Mahal etc sure make a visit to the city palace worthwhile.

Saheliyon ki Bari : - The garden of maidens is a marvelous garden embellished with marble fountains It was constructed by Maharana Sangram Singh in 1734, the Queen had 48 sahelis or the maidens who accompanied her on the occasion of her marriage, this garden was made by the king for the merry making of the royal ladies who enjoyed amidst the flowing fountains and the lush green gardens. The effigies of marble elephants, the cupolas, the pavilion are the centre of attraction at the Saheliyon ki baari.

Jag Mandir : – This is a palace which has been cast in numerous movies. Chronicles say that in this palace emperor Shahjahan was once invited. A palace which is now one of the most luxurious hotel in India there are so many riveting facts about Jagmandir which you will love to read. This palace is situated on an island of Lake Pichola. The royal setting and the architectural grandeur of this palace makes it special. Boats are used to ferry the customers from the main land Udaipur. Today this royal hotel is run by the luxury Tata Brand of hotels and this is their flagship hotel.

Lake Pichola : - A picturesque lake set against the backdrop of Aravali hills sets the pace in the Udaipur city. The lake in itself is beautiful but the setting of the city palace on one side of the palace makes it an epitome of royal grandeur, an island in the midst of the lake housing the most luxurious hotel in India makes Lake Pichola par excellence. Boating is available at Lake Pichola and this is a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. If you are on a honeymoon tour the boat ride at Lake Pichola will etch memories you will never cease to forget and the memories will call you ever and ever again to the lake city Udaipur.

Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Location of Jagdish Temple : - The famous Jagdish temple is situated in the city palace complex pavilion just around 150 meters from the Bara pol gate of the city palace.

Vintage Car Museum : - The erstwhile royals of India had an enviable collection of luxury cars which were all imported in those times. These cars were used for the royal cavalcade of the then maharajas apart from the car used as personal transport their accomplice also travelled along. The old cars evoke a nostalgia related with the erstwhile royals. If you are interested in the vintage era automobiles then you can visit a vintage car museum in Udaipur, this car museum is a personal collection of Arvind singh mewar who is the descendant and the present royalty of the house of Mewar (Udaipur). The collection has a ford convertible, A vaux hall-12, Cadillac’s, Mg-7c convertible, 1924 rolls Royce, Antique solar rickshaws. Automobile enthusiasts sure love to tour this place.

Jaisamand Lake : - The lake is situated around 4 kms north west to the Udaipur city centre. This is the second largest lake of Udaipur a city surrounded by the greenery of the Aravali hills, the place is famous for tranquility and serene beauty. You can enjoy a quiet sunset at this lake peacefully boating on this huge 100 sq km area lake which has a wild life reserve famous for its rich flora and fauna. The Jaisamand wild life sanctuary boasts of long list of endangered species of animals which find refugee in this sanctuary. The sanctuary also attracts lots of migratory birds. The lake sure is a wonderful tourist attraction.

Nathdwara Temple Udaipur

Location of Nathdwara Temple:-The temple of Nathdwara is located in the lap of Aravali hills around 46 kms fom the city of Udaipur on the national highway connecting Udaipur with Ajmer up to Jaipur.

History and Architecture:- The gate of the lord, this is the literal meaning of the word Nathdwara. Shreenath ji is lord Krishna who carried the Goverdhan hill, the idol is seen and portrayed as Lord Sri Krishna is carrying the Goverdhan hill, carved from black stone the idol is everyday dressed and cared as the king “Thakorji”. It is said this idol was carried from Goverdhan hill at Mathura in an attempt to safeguard the same from the tyranny of a fanatic Muslim emperor Aurangzeb who was dead against the idol worship. The cart carrying the idol did not move from Nathdwara so a temple was constructed at the site. The temple is said to be the Haveli of the lord where he is seen as the owner of the haveli. The temple of Nathdwara belongs to the vaishnava cult of Hindus.

As in a common man’s household food is prepared and the owner gets dressed everyday so is the situation at the Nathdwara temple where Lord Krishna is seen as the owner (Thakor) of the haveli and the devotees are his sewak (servants) who care for him offering food, caring for him and lot more. The idol has images of a snake, 2 cows, 2 peacocks, a lion and a parrot carved in black stone. As in a normal household the temple has store room for betel, milk, sugar, flowers, jewellery etc and off course a drawing room to entertain the guests. A chariot has been kept for the lord to travel on auspicious occasions.

When to visit:- The temple is open every day around 6 am and is open for devotees till 12 pm then the temple opens again at 4 pm till around 9 pm at the night.

Best weather to visit:- winters is the best weather to visit the shrine as the summers can be very hot in this desert state. The winters are from October to March.


Location:- Haldighati is located around 40 kms from the city of Udaipur. The name comes from the valley were soil is coloured like turmeric so the name Haldighati.

Maharana Pratap is the iconic legendry figure from the land of Rajputana who today is seen as a freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of his small state against the mighty mughal empire. So prominent was his tirade for the freedom that even after losing his empire he didn’t concile and accepted the domain of Mughal king Akbar.
Haldighati is that famed battle ground where the armies of Mughal emperor Akbar under the command of the Jaipur ruler Mansingh met the armies of maharana pratap. The armies faught valiantly, the classic images of maharana pratap attacking the caparisoned elephants of man singh riding his stallion chetak are still fresh in the minds of the common people. You can visit Haldighati and refresh the memories of these classic battles also visit a memorial built in memory of the legendary fighter.

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