Location : - Gokarna is a rustic Karnataka town on the western ghats side of Karnataka state .It is known to be a temple cityfamous for the Shiva temple just 59 kilometers from the Karwar .From Panjim the Gokarna is around 155 kms and the road is excellent National highway number 66. Mangalore is 238 kms and Bengaluru the capital city of Karnataka is 438 kms from Gokarna. You can also reach Gokarna using the Konkan railway, there are multiple trains stopping at the Gokarna road railway station situated around 10 kms from the Gokarna city.

Attractions at Gokarna:-Gokarna is famous for its pristine beaches presenting different flavours.

Mahabaleshwar temple : - Gokarna is famous for an old Shiva temple known popularly as Mahabaleshwar. The temple has probably the oldest lingam also known as Shiva Atma lingam. The linga is around 6 feet tall and is supposed to be installed by the Ramayana fame Ravana who after pleasing Lord Shiva was carrying the idol to his place of abode but accidentally placed the same in Gokarna.

Gokarna Beach : - This beach is adjacent to the Gokarna city and is mostly thronged by the religious tourist visiting Gokarna temple.

Kudle Beach: - The beach is a straight stretch of golden sand lined with coconut trees and series of eateries and beach shacks. This is quite popular a beach amongst the beaches of Gokarna. You can chill at the beach shacks and enjoy the local delicacies on offer. The western ghats present an undulating terrain running along this series of beaches and you can either take a pedestrian trek through these mountains or take a boat ride to these beaches of Gokarna.

Om Beach: - From Kudle take a trek to the Om beach the way is through the dense foliage. The shape of the beach when viewed from a high vantage point appears to be making an Om with two consecutive crescent circles joined by a protrusion.The beach is pristine with not much tourist activity. There is a beach café named “Dolphin Beach Café”which also serves continental delicacies.

Halfmoon Beach- A trek of half an hour will take you to the halfmoon beach. The trek is an isolated stretch which may scare you at times. Alongside trek you can be mesmerized by the beautiful scenic beauty of the Arabian sea across the western ghats.The beach is a rocky beach with dark black mammoth stones lining up on the beach . The stones have lots of sea crabs . There is a small stretch of sand with a café named “Half moon beach café”.If you are not desirous of trekking take a boat ride to this beach straight.

Paradise Beach: - The view on the trek to this beach is again amazing with a breath taking panoramic view of sea waves hitting the rocky coastline. The beach is s neat and clean stretch of golden sand sandwiched between the black rocky verges . The eatery is available along with tented accommodation at the beach.

Belican Beach: - The beach derives its name from a nondescript local village of fisher man near the beach. The beach is neat and clean with golden sand.

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