Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Location of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: - The main gate of the keoladeo bird sanctuary is located right on the Agra-Jaipur highway in the Bharatpur city of Rajasthan. Situated around 60 kms from the city of Agra and around 170 kms from Jaipur, Delhi is also not too far around 180 kms from the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

How Reach Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

By Road- Bharatpur bird sanctuary lies on the main Agra-Jaipur road and it takes a drive of just 45 minutes from Agra to reach the sanctuary using the national highway 21, from Jaipur it will take around 3 hours to drive up to the keoladeo sanctuary.

By Train- Bharatpur railway station is the nearest railway station(5 kms) from the national park this station falls on the main Delhi-Mumbai railway line. This station has stoppage for all major trains plying on this route.

By Air- Agra domestic airport is the nearest domestic airport while Indira Gandhi international airport is around 200kms from Bharatpur bird sanctuary. Jaipur airport is around 175 kms from the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

History and Features of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: - This bird sanctuary was in very close connection with the famous ornithologist late Mr. Salim Ali. It was he who was instrumental in conferring the title of national park to this bird sanctuary in 1982 later the bird sanctuary in1985 was also declared a world heritage site. In the 80’s and 90’s the Bharatpur Bird sanctuary was in news for the Siberian cranes an endangered species which was finally wiped out from the planet. The sanctuary is a marshy area though man made as the water is supplied to the bird sanctuary through a canal. The park welcomes hundreds of varieties of migratory birds every year from central Asia, Europe, Siberia, these birds escape the tough winter conditions and spend winters in the Indian plains. More than 300 species of birds have been spotted by the ornithologist at the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.

The name keoldeo comes from the temple of lord Shiva right at the core of the sanctuary while Ghana means “dense”. It was the royalty of Bharatpur who created artificial embankments to make the marshes which support the migratory birds, certainly the aristocracy probably didn’t had the conservation of birds as the goal.

Safari at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: - No motorized vehicles are allowed to enter the inner area of the park as the noise of the vehicles engine disturbs the birds and their life. Only rickshaw rides/ e rickshaws are available for the tourists to explore the inner confines of the park. The rickshaw is a human driven vehicle which can comfortably seat two adults. If you are a good cyclist you can also hire cycles from the gate but remember the tour of Ghana will make you cycle for more than 12 kilometers. The cycle rickshaw tours can be booked in advance or even you can book them as you approach the park.

Trained naturalist who can guide you on your bird sanctuary tour are also available on payment of prescribed fees.

Cycle Rickshaw Charges - INR 150 per hour

Electric Rickshaw Charges - INR 330 per hour

Entrance at the Bharatpur Bird sanctuary: - There is an entrance levied on visiting the bird sanctuary.

Indian visitors - INR 91

Indian Students - INR 31

Non Indian Visitors - INR 571

Boats are also available and the charges for the same are as follows: -

Boat Charges Per Person - INR 85

4 Seater Boat - INR 330

8 Seater Boat - INR 660

Video camera charges

Indian - INR 660

Foreign Visitors- INR 990

The park is open for the tourists from sunrise to sunset

Flora and Fauna at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: - This entire area is drying deciduous but the bird sanctuary is a different story as an artificial marsh has been created using a canal. The park is a 29 square kilometer dense forest harboring around 27 mamalian species, pythons, reptiles, and fishes, 350 bird species many of whom are migratory and are enlisted by the authorities. The jungle is primarily of the Julia flora but other trees like neem, jamun, keekar etc can be spotted. The migratory birds come over to Bharatpur in the winter times lay eggs and as the winter ends fly back to their country of origin along with their young ones, the sight of huge birds feeding their young ones is a never to be forgotten.

When to visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: - Certainly winter is the best season to explore the Bharatpur bird sanctuary as the foreign avian guests come in large numbers during these months. Summers are harsh and not many birds can be spotted.

Hotel & Resorts at Bharatpur: - All categories of hotels are available at Bharatpur, Agra is also not very far and easily you can do a tour of Bharatpur in a single day staying at Agra. Many restaurants are also functional at the Bharatpur city so you can have a nice meal after spending quality time with the birds.

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