1 Day Longewala Tour from Jaisalmer

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    1 Day
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    12 +
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    Sightseeing, Fun
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A day tour in the desert starting from the golden city of Jaisalmer. Today from the Jaisalmer city we will drive to the Tanot Mata temple, Longewala war memorial and the border post with Pakistan. For visiting the international border manned by the border security force we need to get the NOC from the BSF office this NOC can be sourced from the BSF office situated at Tanot Mata Mandir. You need an identity card which can be your Indian driving license / Adhar card / Passport. The BSF personal will take your identity card and will issue you a permission card which again will be checked multiple times while you go to the border post. These three sites are situated around 150 kms from the Jaisalmer city a, small villages fall on this highway area of Jaislamer.


  • A/c car driven by English speaking driver.

  • All toll tax, parking, state tax as applicable.

  • Government Approved Tour guide.

  • Monument Entrance fees.

  • Tipping if any.

Tour Plan

1 Day Longewala Tour Itinerary

Day 1:- Jaisalmer to Longewala

Tanot Mata Mandir- There is a beautiful and large temple of Tanot Mata who is known to be an incarnation of Hinglaj Mata. A Bhati king Tanu Rao constructed the temple in 828 AD the name Tanot came in to prominence. This temple came in to news after the 1965 war with Pakistan as thousands of bombs were fired on this temple by the Pakistani army but none exploded. This was taken as a miracle by the locals and their devotion to the temple Increased manifold. Again in 1971 the Pakistani army wasn’t able to destroy the temple today a large temple managed by BSF stands at Tanot. A victory tower built by the Indian army also stands inside the temple complex celebrating victory of Indian forces in the battle of Longewala 1971.
India Pakistan Border post- Driving another 20 odd kilometers you will arrive at this international border post managed by the BSF on India side. The fencing goes for around 1000 kilometers in Rajasthan running along the international border with Pakistan. Rajasthan has the longest fenced Indian border with Pakistan. You can physically see how the BSF man the international border in adverse weather conditions. There is a guard tower from which you can visualize the long border post.
Longewala war museum- The battle of longewala was fought in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, a famous Hindi movie starring famous movie stars Sunny Deol and many more Bollywood stalwarts like Akshay khanna, Sunil shetty, has been made on the longewala battle. On this fateful night an entire Tank regiment of the Pakistani army aided by the hundreds of Pakistani infantry crossed over to the Indian side they were repressed and opposed by a small company of 23 Punjab regiment soldiers aided by few BSF soldiers they were too less and had not much to stand against the might of Pakistani tanks. Late Brigadier Kuldip singh chandpuri who was then a major lead the Indian forces. He successfully repulsed the Pakistani attack and engaged them till Indian air force in the dawn destroyed the Pakistani tanks in multiple sorties.

A museum depicting the entire Longewala war has been made at the Longe wala. The Pakistani tanks and the Indian army jeeps stand testimony to the Indian victory. The weapons used in the war have been displayed in the museum. An audio visual gallery also exists over here. The hunter air craft which destroyed the Pakistani tanks have also been displayed here. There is no entrance to visit this museum. These is a cafeteria from where you can buy refreshment while on your longewala tours. It is known to be the Last Indian Cafeteria on the border .

1 Day Longewala tour from Jaisalmer
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