Agra Nearby Places

Agra Nearby Places Information

All has such location which makes feasible to travel various important cities and tourist destinations easy. Below are some nearby attraction of Agra –

Tundla: -This town lies at a distance of 22 Kms from Agra. This is famous on account of Railway junction. Besides you can find heritage of English times. If you happen to be Tundla do not miss to taste culfie and buy surma of Punjabi.

Firozabad: -This is a district now which was earlier part of Agra. This is an important city of Brij region. The story of founding of Firozabad is based on an occurrence when Akabar’s one among nine jewels. Raja Todarmal was looked by the robbers over here. This was troublesome area where sometimes mughal treasury was also plundered. Under the rage Akabar sent a troupe headed by Mansabdar Firoz khan to to get over this menace. He crushed the power and made a mughal cantonment there. Still in this place you can find the tomb of Firoz Khan. Presently this city is renowned all over the world for glass bangles and other glass ware.

Aligarh: -Aligarh is located at a distance of 90 kms from Agra before 16th century this city was known as Kol. It was headquarter of Dor Rajpur who built a fort here. Later on it came into lime light when sir syed built the famed Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College in 1875 which became later Aligarh University. This city is well known for it’s lock and knife industry.

Hathras: -This city is situated at a distance of 50 kms from Agra and was the hub of Jat rulers. During the British time it was a great industrial city famous for cotton mills, desi Ghee and asafetida export.

Jalesar: -Thos town is located at a distance of 50 kms from Agra and was a center of brass ware. Presently this place is known for it’s Patna Bird Sanctuary.

Mathura & Vrindavan: -Mathura is located 50 kms far from Agra and Vrindavan is at 70kms. These twin cities are famed with Lord Krishna’s temples all over the world. You can access to these places by road and by train easily.

Bharatpur: -Bharatpur is a district of Rajasthan and is at 55 kms far from Agra. This place was the b hold of Jat rulers who built a fort called Lohagarh Fort. Bharatpur is also known for it’s Ghana Bird Sanctuary.

Deeg: -Deeg is another well known tourist destination of Rajasthan famed for it’s palace. This palace is gorgeous with superb architecture and water bodies add charm to the palace.

Dholpur: -Dholpur has been a princely state like Bharatpur before independence. This city was under Jat rulers who built a magnificent palace which has been converted into a heritage hotel now close to Dholpur you can visit Machkund and some other attractions.

Gwalior: -The bhold of Maratha ruling clan – Scindias. The city is very rich is architecture where you can visit the museum cum palace, Tansen Tomb, Sun temple etc.

Saronji: -This famous pilgrimage site falls in Kasganj district. A large number people reach this place for the death after rituals of their dear ones.

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