Akbar Tomb

Akbar Tomb

This tomb lies at out skirts of Agra where Akbar often used to go for hunting games. The tomb was designed by Akbar himself and he started the construction work, but he died. Later on work was finished by his son Jahangeer. Thus it took 8 years time from (1605-13AD) to complete it. This is one among the top romantic and historic places of Agra.

How to Reach Akbar’s Tomb?

Akbar’s tomb lies at a distance of 15 kms from Agra on N.H. 2 and can easily be accessed by car public transport. Nearest railway station is Raja Ki Mandi or the Agra Fort inter bus terminal is just 3 kms far from here.

Architecture of Akbar’s Tomb

This tomb is built in pure mughal style of char bagh where the tomb lies in the mid of the garden. There is a principal gate to enter and other 3 gates are dummy. The 4 gardens with water channels, water cascades and cascades add to the beauty of the tomb. The tomb has sunken gardens and the plan of the tomb is of 5 storeyes. In the main crypt lies Akbar and atop the fifth floor there is the replica tomb open to the sky. The tomb is much infhenced by the Hindu temples or Buddhism paygodas in design. The two of Akbar’s daughters are also lie buried in the side chambers.

Best Time to Visit Akbar’s Tomb

The tomb is open from sunrise to sunset like the other moments of Agra. The best time to explore it is the sunset time while you can get submerged in the beauty of the tomb and have fun of the local flora and fauna, the special attraction is the presence of black bucks and langoors amid the beautiful gardens.

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