Garden of Five Senses Delhi

Garden of Five Senses Delhi

The human body has 5 senses namely touch hearing, sight, smell and taste. The humming of bees in the quest of pollen, the early morning chirping of the birds, the clarion call of cuckoo, the fluttering of the birds is a boon for the auditory sense. it pleases your hearing sense. All the objects of nature are made to enjoy and derive the ultimate charms out of them for the sake of sensual pleasures. The blooming blossoms, the lush greenery of the garden throbs your heart and satisfies your visionary service. As William Words Worth pens down “I dance with the daffodils” similarly a garden is a nice place to increase your of factory sense. While you see the blooming rose or Yasmine flowers its smell creates purity in your mind through the smell senses. The soothing wind in the early morning caresses you and gives balm to your body. It pleases your touching senses. A garden or park in Delhi like the garden of five senses has a lot to offer. It multiplies you charms not only by providing the above-mentioned 4 senses but also your gustatory sense. You can savour the local delicacies nearby.

Location of Garden of five Senses Delhi : - The garden is located in the south district of New Delhi not very far from the famous Mehrauli area and the famous Qutub minar, the other famous landmark at proximity is the Chatarpur Temple.

How to reach : - You can take the yellow metro train to reach the Saket metro station; from the station you can either hire a tuk-tuk or an electric rickshaw to reach the garden. If you are a fitness freak sure you can walk but remember exploring the garden also requires a lot of walking.

What is the meaning of the term “Garden of five senses?” : - You must be wondering about the nomenclature of the garden, this name sure is not a common name but in deeper sense it is very apt. There are five senses in human anatomy the sense of touch, the sense of vision, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of sound. This garden entices and capitulates all the senses and perceptions of a human body. The fine smell of flowers, the blooming vision of the floral beds, the artistic touch of the sculptures, aroma and delicacy of the culinary delights. The music coupled with all these perceptions paints a perfect picture and this is the picture perfect of the garden of five senses.

Timing of the Garden : - The garden opens all days of the week, timings depend upon the season. In winters the garden opens from 9 am to 6 pm (October to march). In summers the garden opens from 9 am to 7 pm (April-September).The reason appears to be the security of the visitors, in winters the day time is less and the night creeps early while in summers the days are long.

The Garden of five senses has been developed on a plot of 20 acres, Right amidst the hum drum of the busy metropolis city of Delhi. Its indeed a grand respite from the monotony of Delhi’s busy life sty;e and certainly brings you closer to mother nature without actually travelling out of the city. The Delhi tourism and transportation development corporation, Delhi envisaged this project and a total project out lay of 10.5 crore rupees was spent on the same. It took just three years for the completion and garden was opened in 2003. Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva was the chief architect of this endeavor.

Khas Bagh : - Delhi the capital of the grand Mughals has a garden based on the Mughal theme in the Garden of Five senses. The spiraling walkways, the fountains and the flowing cascades of water coupled with the blooming flower beds the fountains and the floor beds have been coupled with fiber optic lighting system. The red sand stone sculptures effigies of elephants greet you on your sensual journey of the garden.

Food Court : - Walking a bit more you enter into the food court area, there is canteens which along with some more local food carts do pamper your taste buds. After savoring the culinary delights the exploration of the garden delves further.

The undulating terrain of the garden is another fine aspect as it helps in the finesse of the garden designs. There are multiple sculptures displaying the ability of the craftsmen. The marble sculptures of multiple children attending a class/meditating is fine example of art along with 25 murals in total.

Neel Bagh : - The scintillating music of the wind chimes hanging from the towering trees coupled with pond of lilies. This entices you while you are immersed in tremendous greenery of shrubs, trees, flower beds etc.

In 2013 the then chief minister of Delhi Mrs Sheel Dixit inaugurated a replica of the famous labna arch (it’s a world heritage site situated at Jucan. Mexico). Ambassador of Mexico Mr. Julio faesdir –calislie graced the occasion by his presence. The deft handed marble craftsmen of India sculptured this replica with stone from Rajasthan. Every year the Delhi government organizes garden tourism festival apart from the other festivals like the Dandiya festival, food festivals and many more local mela’s organized at the garden of five senses.

The garden also is host to many festivals and melas a grand Amphitheatre is also an attraction at the garden of five senses. The amphitheater is situated amongst high trees and dense foliage. The seats are simple crafted from stone blocks and the garden greets the visitors with the natural carpet of grass under the feet.

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