Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach

Location of Agonda Beach: - Agonda beach lies in the southern part of Goa, the capital city of Panaji is around 70 kms. While the Goa international airport is at 63 kms. The best way to reach Agonda beach is by hiring a taxi/cab from Panaji/ Margao city you can also choose to come here by local bus but you will have to change bus a few times to reach here. The Agonda beach is very near to the cola beach and the Palolem beach in south Goa.

Agonda Beach Goa Features: - If you are desirous of spending your time in peace and tranquility while you visit a Goa beach then Agonda is the beach for you. Agonda is a long stretch of peerless golden sand with Pure Blue waters of the Arabian Sea kissing the sands. The beach has a long stretch of beach huts which offer a low cost housing on the beach for the desirous. Agonda Villas, Agonda resorts, Dunhill beach resorts, NCX are some famous names of the beach front cottages at Agonda beach. These cottages also have associated restaurants which are known to serve quality food and beverages to the clients, The tourists are not allowed to drink liquor at the beach. There are a string of coconut trees at the back of these beach cottages. These beach resorts also provide you beach beds at very nominal cost to enjoy the sun. The southern part of the Agonda beach has few rocks jutting out of the sea front which attract the tourist; there is a small hill at the extreme end.

Agonda Beach Activities

1. Kayaks – You can hire Kayaks from the beach; don’t forget to negotiate the hire charges for the Kayaks.

2. Boat Trips - You can arrange and hire boat trips at the Agoda beach which will take you on Dolphin search, trips to various rock formations, trips to sea. These trips will cost you 2000 Rs for two people for a 1.5 Hrs trip. The group will be at 500 per person for a group of 5-10 people.

3. Water scooters/ para sailing - You can hire water scooters or can choose to go for para sailing at the Agonda beach resort.

4. Surfing - The waves at the Agonda beach are ideal for surfers, the sea is neither too rough nor too silent, the waves are fun to ride and you sure will enjoy the surfing experience at the Agonda beach.

5. Snorkeling - If interested you can also enjoy snorkeling at the Agonda beach.

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