Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Location of Cocoa Beach: - The Cocoa beach is located at the mouth of the Nerul river this place is not too far away from the point of confluence of the Mandovi river with Arabian sea. The capital city Panaji by road is around 10 kms while radially the Miramar beach of Panjim is just across the river Mandovi. The international airport Dabolim is around 37 kms and it may take less than an hour to reach the cocoa beach.

Speciality of Cocoa Beach: - Cocoa is called a beach while in reality its more of a river front, the cocoa beach doesn’t have high waves just like other north Goa beaches which makes cocoa bereft of the fun the other Goa beaches offer. Because of the absence of high waves the water adventure activities like surf boarding etc are not possible at Cocoa beach. The cocoa beach has small shops lining up to the beach itself, you can buy cheap eye wear, hats, souvenirs made from sea shells etc from these shanties.

Dolphin ride at Cocoa Beach: - The most famous adventure activity at Cocoa beach is the Dolphin ride, because of the unique location of the beach the dolphin search and location is very easily done. The confluence of the mandovi river and the nerul river and their sweet water mixing with the Arabian sea perhaps supports the large population of Dolphins. If you are an avid dolphin lover then you should straight head for the cocoa beach as most probably you sure will sight a dolphin and will carry never to forget memories of Dolphin diving in the sea.

Shacks at Cocoa Beach: - Though unlike the other with Goa beaches Cocoa beach doesn’t have a long line up of beach shacks or the beach beds still few of the beach shacks are present at the cocoa beach- Tony’s Shack, Ryan’s shack and string fellows beach shack are the beach shacks of the Cocoa beach.

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