Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach

About of Dona Paula: - On a rocky islet at Dona paula is situated the rock figurine of Dona Paula. It is said Dona Paula was beloved daughter of the Portuguese Governor of Goa she was born rich and influential it is said she fell in love with a local fisher man and as she was daughter of the viceroy who didn’t agree to the eternal love of his daughter. The couple committed suicide jumping in to the sea at this place thus even today the place is called Dona Paula. The local people claim to have seen the adumbration of the ghosts of the love couple at the sea shore.

Location of Dona Paula: - Dona paula is situated in vicinity to the Panji city of Goa just a 7 km divide between the Dona Paula and Panji city centre. The Goa international airport is 38kms from this picturesque beach. A hired taxi from the international airport will take you to Dona Paula. For Panjim there are plethora options to reach Dona paula you can hire a tuk tuk or a car or can hire a two wheeler.

Best time to visit Dona Paula: - The best time to visit Goa is October to march and the best time to visit Dona Paula is the sunset time, you can enjoy the amazing sunset across the sea at Dona Paula.

Dona Paula Beach: - The Dona Paula is unlike the beaches like calangute or Baga there is no straight line beach with sands well the Dona Paula is more famous as a picturesque view point the people enjoy the sunset from the Lover’s point the sea underneath is rocky but the view is amazing and unparalleled.

The water sports activity at Dona Paula: - When you approach Dona Paula there is a kiosk selling the water sports activities. The kiosk is in name of” St Anthony water cruises”. They conduct jet ski rides, family boat ride, Para sailing, Banana ride, Bumper ride, Dolphin ride, There is a jetty going down the beach from where you are going to access the water sports activities.

Hotels near Dona Paula: - As Dona paula is very near the capital city there are many good star rated hotels near Dona Paula, the most famous are these: -

1. Cidade De Goa

2. Vrianda Do mar

3. The fern residency

4. Miramar residency

5. The Hawai comfort

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