Location of Dudhsagar waterfall: - The Dudhsagar waterfall lies in the south eastern part of Goa. Just on the fringe of the famous western ghats. The state capital Panjim is around 70 kms while the Goa international airport is also around 70 kms from the falls. You can ride your taxi/ private car to Colem.

Features of Dushsagar: -The largest river of Goa Mandovi when cascades the 300 mtrs high western ghats forms the famous Dudhsagar Falls. Because of the high elevation the falling water appears white and feels like milk so the name Dudh meaning milk has been wisely applied. There is a pool of water just underneath the grand cascade. The water is pure and non polluted. The falls are in a deep forest area which can only be approached by foot, a hiking of 1.5 Kms is to be undertaken to see the waterfalls.

Dudh Sagar water fall Jeep Safari: - No private vehicles are allowed at the Dudhsagar waterfalls you have to leave all your vehicles at Colem and ride the government provided off road jeeps which take you to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. The tickets for these jeeps are on first come first serve basis. Remember to come here at Colem ticket counter early as the crowds swell up in the day resulting in large queues at the ticket counter. The jeeps carry five passengers and cover a distance of 10kms before they leave you around 1.5 kms away from the falls. This 1.5 kms is to be done walking. The jeeps passes through the interiors of Mollem national park safari, the natural flora of this area is dense and sure will amaze you. The jeep will go across many water crossings which sure are not accessible by normal cars.

After reaching the falls the jeep driver will give you 1.5 hours to go up to the falls enjoy the falls and come back, this time sure is a little less as you have to trek 1.5 kms to reach the falls but remember you can tell driver to wait and you need to pay just 300 extra for entire jeep for a wait of one hour. The experience of the cascade at Dudhsagar is worth the travails you have undertaken to reach the falls. There is a large pool underneath the falls and you are ready with your life jacket so straight splurge and take a dive in to the pool. This dip will completely rejuvenate you. On your drive back again enjoy the jeep ride through the deep woods of Goa. The jeep safari will take around 30-40 minutes either way to reach the falls.

Jeep Ticket price for the Dudhsagar Trek: - 3500 Rs is charged for a jeep carrying 5 passengers (700 per person) A life jacket is also to be compulsory hired at 40 Rs per life jacket. There is a separate charge(100 per person) levied on entry to the forest area by the forest department ,If you are using a video camera another 200 extra is to be paid to the forest department while a still camera is charged at 50 Rs.

Some tips for Dudh Sagar Jeep Safari

1. Remember to wear casuals and if possible wear trekking shoes/ sports shoes as you have to walk on undulating surface to reach the water falls.

2. Carry your own drinking water as after Colem you won’t be able to buy the same.

3. Don’t litter in the reserve forest area.

4. The trip is not complete without a splash in the pool at Doodh sagar so carry clothes accordingly.

5. Use of alcohol is not allowed at the Dudhsagar so avoid the same.

6. Remember the jeeps are limited and tickets at Colem ticket counter are on first come first serve basis so avoid crowds and reach here early in the day.

Best time to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls

The time after the monsoons is the best time to enjoy the Dudhsagar falls as the cascades have heavy water load so they present a picturesque scene to the travelers

Dushsagar Jeep Safari Charges

1. Jeep Safari- 700 per person (3500 for a jeep carrying 5 persons)

2. Forest Charges- 100 per person

3. Camera charges- 200 for a video camera , 50 for a still camera

4. Life Jacket Hire- 40 per life jacket

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