Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

History of Origin: - Every year in the month of February the Goa dances to the tunes of carnival for four days, this festival has its roots in the Portuguese culture. The state of Goa was under the Portuguese rule for 450 years finally in 1961 Goa became independent and was amalgamated in to the Indian union. The catholics just before the month of lent abstain from music, wine etc and get engrossed in prayer, so before the abstinence they party, drink and enjoy with lavish meals. A grand parade is organized with lots of dance and music this grand parade is called the carnival. As the Portuguese left in 1965 a Goan musician started the Goan chapter of carnival and it was designed on the lines of the Rio carnival, the prime motive was to attract tourists to Goa. Soon the carnival became famous and till date it’s the star attraction of Goa. During the carnival times all the hotels are choc a bloc, the tourist sing and dance to the tunes of Goa carnival.

Q. Where is carnival celebrated in Goa?

A. The main carnival is organized in Panji which encompasses major tableau, parade, fun frolic etc. The carnival parades are also organized in Margao, vasco de gama and Mapusa.

Q. When is the Goan carnival celebrated?

A. The goan carnival occurs every year before the month of lent in February or march , this time coincides with the peak Goan tourist season so the tourist also enjoy the Grande party of Goa.

Q. Goan carnival is organized for how many days?

A. The Goa carnival festival is enjoyed for four days starting on the Saturday (Sabado) it concludes on Tuesday just before the Christian month of lent.

Q. What is goan carnival all about?

A. The Goan carnival is all about fun & frolic its about merrymaking , enjoyment, dance, music and is celebrated on the streets of Goa with dance parties, tableaus on social life of Goa, Feni, sea food of Goa, Masked parade etc.

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