Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach

Location of Morjim Beach: - This is the northern most Goa beach lying north to the string of beaches like vagator, The city of mapusa is around 13 kms away from the Morjim beach. Panji is around 129 kms while international airport is 50 kms from Morjim.

How to reach Morjim Beach: - You can reach morjim in a hired car taxi easily from mapusa. In Goa the best way of conveyance is the hired two wheeler scooters/ motorcycle which can be easily hired, you can also hire a four wheeler. There is parking facility at the morjim beach.

Features of Morjim Beach: - Though being in north part of Goa morjim is a cool and silent beach where not many tourist spend their day. The peace at morjim will sure entice you. Morjim beach is best known as one of the important resting site of Olive Ridley Turtles. The olive ridely turtle are a rare variety of oceanic turtles, the coast of odisha (Gaher matha) is famous as the most important nesting site of olive ridley turtles. The peculiar habit of olive ridely turtles is that they return every year to their favorite nesting sites and lay eggs after making a nest with the help of their flippers.
The south part of majorim has the nesting arena of the olive ridley turtles though tourists are not allowed to visit the turtle nests as the nests are safeguarded by the forest department. The small olive ridely turtles are very well safe guarded by the forest department. Causing harm to the nests or to the hatchlings is a cognizable offence under the Indian penal court laves.

Beach Shacks at Morjim Beach: - Just next to the southernmost part of Morjim beach lies the beach shack area of Morjim beach. There are multiple beach shacks famous for their delicious Goan sea food. These shacks also sell authentic Russian delicacies as Morjim beach is a very famous haunt of the Russian tourists. The beach beds and recliners line up in front of these shacks. There are numerous shacks, these are the famous ones of them 1- Bora Bora, Lazy dog, Dunes, Beach street, Hakuna matata, Planet Bollywood, Glowfish etc. The northern part pf the beach is occupied by private beach properties who have exculsive rights of entrance, you have to be their guest.

Best time to visit Morjim Beach: - The olive ridley’s lay eggs in winter season starting with September all the way up to February. This is the peak tourist season in Goa so you should visit morjim in winters from November to march, you get to see the famous olive ridley turtles along with enjoying the serene and pleasant morjim beach.

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