Heritage Walk With Food Tour

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Heritage Walk With Food Tour

Location : Agra
Duration : 1 Day

Heritage Walk With Food Tour

Mughal city, erstwhile capital of Mughal dynasty. Agra has earned its many names in tourism industry today. For instance Petha city, Dalmoth city, city of taj, and so on. Peace of harmony of this city in appreciating among people. They love to be a part of each other’s cultural activities. So they can get the maximum fun by way of having home-made eateries in which both are included like vegetables or non-vegetables.

Usually, tourists visit this city for visiting historical monuments. They don’t have an idea about food corner of the city and what this city is famous for. In order to satisfy for eating habits, from starter to main course. We have our own menu, which have not been replaced by foreign eating outlet. For example MacDonald, K.F.C. and so on.

As we visit the down town of this city. We can find ethnic and different sorts of eating things for example Petha is known for desert medical science proved that it works wonder for removing acidity for snacks. Dalmoth is very famous which is served along with tea to the guest.

Any one of the corners of the streets, Chat Pakodi, Tikia, Bhalla are easily available for the tourists in the evening time. Seth Gali is the name of prominent strength of this city. And these people go to enjoy having all these things. As we move inside the Seth gali oodles of the sweet confectioners are there who make homemade desert which are made of milk for example Rosgulla, Barfi, Carrot pudding and the long list goes on.

In our city, we have old tradition to drink Luke warm milk before going to bed. Any such Kind of milk cauldrons is surrounded by kids, adults & retired people. Grandparents can be seen holding fingers of their grand children to take those places, so that their bones and muscles can be strong.

Heritage Walk with Food Tour
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