Barot is a silent and peaceful valley resplendent with all the attributes of nature, a stay here sure will recharge you. Barot came into existence around 100 years back when a hydro power plant was conceived by the English on the river Uhi, the shanan hydel project was completed in 1932. The Uhi river as it flows at barot in narrow water channels creates an awesome view the tourists never forget. It sort of makes huge cascades with enormous water flowing down an elevation.The tall towering cedar trees on the mountains make the barot valley look identical to the famous Pahalgam in Kashmir. There are no busy roads at barot no swanky hotels to stay in just Mother Nature which is to be experienced everywhere. The local customs and the simple population of Barot will sure entice you as you stay here on a weekend tour. The place is a paradise for trekkers you can get engaged in treks across the barot valley with fields, river, hydel project and the mountains. You can also enjoy a visit to the Nargu wildlife sanctuary home to black bear, monal and ghoral this sanctuary in the thick woods of cedar and pine trees creates everlasting memories of the nature.

Where to stay at Barot : - There are no fancy hotels at Barot and the best way is to find a nice local home stay. Staying at a home stay will enable you to take a closer look at the local customs, traditions and way of life. You can also savor the local cuisines while staying at barot.

Where is Barot : - The Barot valley falls in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, it is around 65 kms from the mandi town, Around 15 kms from the Joginder nagar. The road to Barot is narrow single lane but is good and without pot holes. You can comfortably ride all the way to Barot from Mandi.

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